WATCH WHAT HAPPENS: not so beautiful...

soooo i watched the premiere of The Beautiful Life: TBL last night on the CW and i must say.... underwhelming at best. the acting seemed so contrived, distant, & unbelievable. idk, blogger babies...i just wasn't feeling it. Mischa Barton seemed not to be acting at all. her character's storyline could have been ripped from a page of her own reality. the dialogue was predictable & the characters fell flat...often. i will probably give the show 2 or 3 more episodes of my attention to see if it picks up, but right now it doesn't have my vote. the writers, producers, & directors should have known better than to put a weak show in the line up of CW shows that are carrying major weight (90210, Gossip Girl, & Melrose Place). Beauty will NOT get you far with me and i won't be surprised if the show doesn't last.

p.s. the FASHION on the show wasn't even that hot. you gotta come correct if you want to compete with the flawlessness that is the wardrobe of Gossip Girl.



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