"embrace the UNcool...become a fan" -me

why do i love this? b/c too often ppl get caught up in everything going on around them...so much so that they forget who they are. they find themselves doing things, saying things, going places, etc just b/c that's what the majority is doing. doing the expected b/c that's what they're so used to doing. what's cool isn't always popular & what's popular isn't always cool.

step outside of your predetermined box.
embrace YOU for a change.
experience what it's like to be a leader.
carve your own path in life & stick to it.

we all have the ability to change...evolve...become better. go against the grain, try being YOU. im sure you'll pretty much LOVE it. i suppose it can be a scary thing to branch out on your own after being under the covering of a group of "friends" 4 so long...take a risk. live YOUR life.

so if u catch me on twitter & facebook saying this, now u know why. there is always a method 2 my madness ;-) so are u ready? embrace your UNcool. do something different!



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