Thursday, September 24, 2009


"embrace the UNcool...become a fan" -me

why do i love this? b/c too often ppl get caught up in everything going on around much so that they forget who they are. they find themselves doing things, saying things, going places, etc just b/c that's what the majority is doing. doing the expected b/c that's what they're so used to doing. what's cool isn't always popular & what's popular isn't always cool.

step outside of your predetermined box.
embrace YOU for a change.
experience what it's like to be a leader.
carve your own path in life & stick to it.

we all have the ability to change...evolve...become better. go against the grain, try being YOU. im sure you'll pretty much LOVE it. i suppose it can be a scary thing to branch out on your own after being under the covering of a group of "friends" 4 so long...take a risk. live YOUR life.

so if u catch me on twitter & facebook saying this, now u know why. there is always a method 2 my madness ;-) so are u ready? embrace your UNcool. do something different!


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