LIFE AND SUCH: action activates

This week I was listening to a training on YouTube by Mark Hughes (founder of Herbalife) and he said something that was so simple and yet so triggering.

"It's easier when you're working harder" - Mark Hughes

Whoa!! Mind blown! EVERYTHING becomes so much easier when we work harder... on ourselves, on our craft, on our minds, etc. Let's break this down and apply it in two areas that mean a lot to me.

Physical:  Consistent work on our physical fitness and nutrition; yields results such as more strength, flexibilty, endurance and health.

Mental: Focused and consistent work on thinking positively, seeking knowledge and personal development for increased mental fortitude equips us with the tools to respond to LIFE in a way that allows us to GROW THROUGH things quickly and powerfully.

Obviously, we can apply this same logic to ALL areas of life. When we put ACTION into our thoughts, hopes and dreams... those things become easier to accomplish. Which is why life seems so difficult when we are stagnant. Nothing is being DONE to change our personal situations, so everything seems heavy, hard and overwhelming. 

Even the largest "obstacles" become doable when we put forth daily action (no matter how small) toward achieving a positive result. The action is what activates the prayers and affirmations. With no action, these things are just strings of nice words.

Action is what unobstructs our lane so that we GO. When we are busy doing the work, there is no time to dwell on "how long". The journey is full of goals being checked off, so the "how long" becomes the least of our worries. 

In the infamous words of some meme on social media, "no one cares. work harder".

Ready? Let's do it! 



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