PLAYLIST: more Drake?

i have a feeling that Drake will be able to release a compilation dvd of "greatest videos" before his OFFICIAL album drops. BUT, im not complaining. esp since this new song was one of my faves from his mixtape.

"i am on a 24 hour champagne diet. spillin while im sippin, i encourage you to try it. im probably just sayin that cuz i dont have 2 buy it..."

haha that 1st verse goes SO hard. it was def quoted in my AIM away msg & FB status earlier this year. haha.

Money to Blow- Drake & Birdman

umm p.s. Birdman, just cuz Drake is on ur label n ish that doesn't entitle u to hop on songs with him whenever the urge hits you. please stay behind the scenes...please & thank you!

a concerned fan



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