I'M OFF THAT: real hood women of ATL....

so i started watching this season of RHOA the episode when Sheree' got in that ridiculous argument with her party planner...i was immediately floored! also...kinda hooked. RHOA is like a terrible car wreck that you HAVE to watch...so i have been watching. but as of late, (the past 2 or 3 episodes) something has been irritating the hell out of me. that something is NeNe Leakes. what in the BREAKING NEWS?? *sidenote: Breaking News= EXTRA EXTRA* this woman is so BEYOND. always one to point the finger at whomever she feels is being messy when she is QUEEN of messy. catty, petty, LOUD, arrogant....EXTRA! all qualities that i despise in women. from what i have heard about the first season, NeNe was the favorite of the bunch b/c she seemed to "keep it real"...she has def strayed from her character then. this season all i see is an ACT. i wanted so badly to love these black women...and i do. Kandi & Lisa are the sane ones that kinda keep me watching. but after last nite's episode w the Kandi/NeNe spat...it's official, NeNe Leakes...I'M OFF THAT!



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