Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DISASTERS IN DATING: call me baby....

in this day of twitter, facebook, texting, bbm, skype, etc calls are extremely close to being extinct. but i wanna get back to that. i WANT those butterflies when i see your name & # on my caller id. i want you to leave me voicemails so i can save them & listen 2 them when i miss your voice. or whenever i call & u don't answer i want to hear your voicemail greeting before i leave a sweet message...telling you "i miss you babe, call me when you get this"

i want those awkward silences when first getting to know someone. i want those late night convos that i fall asleep to.."you hang up first" :-) i want you to hear the inflection in my voice when i tell you stories from my childhood. i want to hear your laugh. i need to know how you sound when you're sad, happy, or turned on. i need to know when you're being sarcastic or serious. i want to call you "just to say hi" & you'd understand that the phone call was my need to be closer to you for just that one moment in time. miles may separate us, but when you're a PHONE CALL away...the distance doesn't seem THAT bad.

so call me baby.

"Now i just want you to know, how i'm touched deep in my soul just being with you.
And i need you more each day.
Baby, if you're still awake,
Call me when you get this.
I've got all this poetry now i didn't know then.
I kept inside. guess i had never seen anything beautiful
Till i first saw you asleep at night..."

blogger babies, how do you all feel about long distance relationships? do they work?


DISASTERS IN DATING: scared of lonely

been single for some time now. actually, a LONG time. 3 years to be exact. i must's been one hell of a roller coaster. 3 years ago, i never expected to still be single. but i also wasn't too keen on the idea of being in a relationship. ya see, the R word freaks me out. well i guess, it used to. after being IN love the transition OUT of it sucks something crucial. nights seem to drag on & your days speed by. i was the loneliest lonely person....but no one ever knew. kudos to me for hiding it so well. i WANTED to be that strong young woman i portrayed myself as. i WANTED to be that girl who was secure by herself. thank God my WANTING became my reality. im no longer SCARED OF LONELY i faced the young woman in the mirror...i acknowledged the pain. i dealt with the hurt. i faced myself. i accepted me. now i can be in a crowded room by myself and be okay. i curb the desire to hold a man's hand by simply holding my own. i learned how to be my own comfort; my own joy; my own happiness; my own lover; my own peace of mind.

now that i conquered being alone.
im ready to open myself up for companionship.
now that i let old love rest in peace.
im ready to revive my heart & live.
now that i know my worth, know who i am, & know what i do & dont want...
im ready to love.

India Arie- Ready for Love

so blogger babies, what are your hang ups when it comes to exploring new relationships?? let me know! comment or hit me on @miamck


the picture above is from MYLTAN... chk out the blog. it's not in english but the artwork is pretty dope.

HAIR WARS: are u a wannabe or a jiggaboo??

every black woman BETTER go see this. it looks like it is going to be so beyond hill air e us. we as women, esp black women, place so much value on our tresses that it has become worldwide knowledge that relationship between a black woman & her hair is a special one. i admit, i LOVE the fact that my hair isn't as ETHNIC as most black women. i LOVE the fact that a good press will have my hair bouncy & shiny without assistance from a perm. but hey, a nice weave/wig or a good perm isn't foreign to my scalp. i LOVE being versatile. i can have long hair, short hair, big hair, curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair...colored hair & braided hair. i dig being a black woman. we can do ANY and EVERY thing with our hair. it shouldn't be looked down should be celebrated.

the problem arises when folks start thinking a particular grade/texture or length of hair makes the woman attached to it BETTER than the next woman. this is superficial and ignorant. the debate of good vs bad hair is as trivial & pointless as light vs dark skin. the outer you is only temporary....worry about your inner self. perm that out...i mean STRAIGHTEN out the you on the inside.

ladies, i will continue to stress the importance of getting over our petty issues. you can be the most attractive woman, but if your attitude/spirit/personality sucks..u won't get far. bet on that. be a better, more beautiful you by loving yourself & others.


Chris Rock's documentary, GOOD HAIR, is in theaters in October.

inspiration for my title comes from School Daze. the "good & bad hair" song/dance scene. the jiggaboos vs the wannabes. check it out below....

PLAYLIST: every1 can change...

i must say even tho im ANTI-SWIZZ BEATZ...this beat is SICK! and weezy...WTF? that man knows he can MAKE a song. his every word is my favorite part. if this is any indication of what Chris Brown's new music is sounding BEYOND ready for him to make his comeback. i have been Team WhoCares in this whole Rihanna/Chris Brown dramatic saga b/c it's their lives, let 'em live it. both parties care not speak about it so why must the media try to delve so deep into it? ugh!

anywho, back to the new single...TRANSFORM hot hot!! message to Chris: there are LOTS of people who support you & wish you the best. take your time & come back FLAWLESS!

message to Weezy: why must you be so quotable? lol

i love his contribution 2 this song.

Chris Brown & Weezy- TRANSFORM YA

enjoy that blogger babies!


Monday, September 28, 2009

REAL TALK: is this what happens in 2009?

tears were falling down my face as i watched this... stomach in knots hoping someone would stop this madness. i am so beyond disturbed right now. to think this is the world my nephew has to grow up in... i couldn't even imagine being a friend, let alone a family member, of this boy. beat in the street while tens of people looked on. the screaming in the background of this video is nothing short of chilling. i am disappointed & saddened by the state of our young people.

this touches a very sore spot in me... i have lost TOO many friends...young black violence. for the past six years i have shed too many tears over the caskets of ATLEAST 6 young men. it hurts. futures taken away, lives cut short...unnecessarily. when will this end? the anger. the retaliation. the hatred. the evil. the fighting. the killing. the genocide of our people by our own people.

how can you murder someone you used to play dodge ball with? used to run in the street barefoot with? shoot hoops with? i cant...i just cant. this is tragic.

to read Nas' heartfelt letter to the young men in this video, visit

for more info on this story: DERRION ALBERT

r.i.p. young brother...


Sunday, September 27, 2009

PLAYLIST: more Drake?

i have a feeling that Drake will be able to release a compilation dvd of "greatest videos" before his OFFICIAL album drops. BUT, im not complaining. esp since this new song was one of my faves from his mixtape.

"i am on a 24 hour champagne diet. spillin while im sippin, i encourage you to try it. im probably just sayin that cuz i dont have 2 buy it..."

haha that 1st verse goes SO hard. it was def quoted in my AIM away msg & FB status earlier this year. haha.

Money to Blow- Drake & Birdman

umm p.s. Birdman, just cuz Drake is on ur label n ish that doesn't entitle u to hop on songs with him whenever the urge hits you. please stay behind the scenes...please & thank you!

a concerned fan


MY 2 CENTS: the other woman....sisterhood anyone?

by now im sure the majority of the blog-obsessed society has speculated, heard about, read about, gossiped about, or really just KNOWS about the love triangle that is Alicia Keys, Swizz Beat, & his wife Mashonda. yes, i said WIFE! after 5 years of marriage, their union is being torn apart. granted, there are 3 sides to every story (yours, theirs, & the truth) in this case there are 4... hers, his, the other woman's, & the truth.

this letter that Mashonda wrote to Alicia Keys via twitter hit the blog-o-sphere the other day & has caused quite an uproar. lots of opinions & sides are being taken. me personally? im totally siding with Mashonda. after reading her twetter (twit letter) 2 A.Keys, her class is SO evident. she could have used twitter & blogs to publicly lash out at Swizz & AK (even though there is allegedly a gag order in place) BUT she didn't. she is a WOMAN first & a mother second.

let me back up for a minute before i post the link to the actual letter.... as a young woman (im 24) i have had the pleasure of experiencing, witnessing, & avoiding plenty of train wreck relationships with men & women. i will be the first to admit that i was indeed a "homewrecker" when i was younger. my motto being: "i'll take your boyfriend". i was ruthless. if i wanted him...i was DEF gonna get him. "they aint married, so what!" the problem? if i would have never changed, who's to say i wouldn't have grown up to be that HUSBAND hunter type of chick? thank God for maturity right? i am actually thankful to have been on the receiving end of hurt when it comes to "the other woman". that pain was a wake up call. how could i have ever been so low, selfish, & conniving as to be a participant in causing pain to another woman?

ladies, if you feel you are SO destined to be with this man who is married or in a relationship...let fate take it's course. why rush it? if you're not gonna respect his FULL TIME woman, atleast respect yourself enough to want to be more than his PART TIME lover. one of my greatest pet peeves is an insecure chick. are you that unhappy with yourself that you'd want to piss on someone else's happiness (no matter how "perceived" it may be) just to get your way? people can say what they want about the state of Mashonda & Swizz's marriage but the FACT remains that they are still MARRIED. he wants A.Keys? fine! be with her...after your divorce.

and to the other woman, Alicia Keys...i def lost a lot of respect for her as a woman. i dig her music & her humanitarianism but her blatant disrespect of another woman's marriage has almost totally assassinated her character in my eyes. just how i don't support R.Kelly cuz he's a perv...i wont support A.Keys. my choice. my opinion. now that i have said my peace you can go to NECOLEBITCHIE.COM to read Mashonda's letter. or head over to her twitter @MASHONDALOYAL to check it out. whatever works for you.

in closing, i would really like it if women started having more CARE for each other. living, loving, & being yourself is already hard enough WITHOUT all of the backstabbing, hating, betraying, gossiping, & discouraging. if another woman is shining...let her shine. God blesses those who rejoice when other ppl receive blessings. the more you give (time, love, kind words, money, etc) the more you will receive. let's try sisterhood on for size...see how it feels, im SURE you will love it.


p.s. i am truly thankful for my consistent sister-friends who i can depend on NO MATTER what. if it's for a meal, a prayer, or a shoulder to lean on...having dependable, trustworthy, honest, caring, God fearing, intelligent, motivated, classy women friends is truly priceless. my main main main ones who i would NEVER question? Constance, Onikhol, & Monique... i LOVE you ladies dearly. and to the rest of my friends whom are also solid, THANK YOU! jimmy, ruthi, brandi, blair, kimiya, ashley p, Courtesy Management, etc etc. i have im THANKFUL 4 that in itself. not many women are blessed to have friendships with other women. kudos friends, kudos!

Friday, September 25, 2009

FAB FILES: bite sized fab...

this 13 year old bite sized fashionista is making waves in the world of fashion blogging. at 12 she started her blog entitled STYLE ROOKIE and has since caught the attention of bloggers & fashion enthusiasts nationwide. Little Miss Tavi even gained access to the EXCLUSIVE front row at some of the premiere shows during this year's New York Fashion week...amazing much? i adore this little girl already! i feel like her quirky yet PERFECT style is totally how i will allow my future daughter to dress. JUST THROW IT ON...& pow...perfection.! she is my UNcool...going against the grain, doing what she loves, & conforming to fit HERSELF. very fab... become a fan! introducing... Tavi Gevinson

*sidenote* the picture above is her during it from her blog...she says that her belt gadget is a pink mesh dress from American Apparel tied around her waist along with a thrift store belt. I'D DIE! my heart melts for this gal!!


I'M OFF THAT: real hood women of ATL....

so i started watching this season of RHOA the episode when Sheree' got in that ridiculous argument with her party planner...i was immediately floored! also...kinda hooked. RHOA is like a terrible car wreck that you HAVE to i have been watching. but as of late, (the past 2 or 3 episodes) something has been irritating the hell out of me. that something is NeNe Leakes. what in the BREAKING NEWS?? *sidenote: Breaking News= EXTRA EXTRA* this woman is so BEYOND. always one to point the finger at whomever she feels is being messy when she is QUEEN of messy. catty, petty, LOUD, arrogant....EXTRA! all qualities that i despise in women. from what i have heard about the first season, NeNe was the favorite of the bunch b/c she seemed to "keep it real"...she has def strayed from her character then. this season all i see is an ACT. i wanted so badly to love these black women...and i do. Kandi & Lisa are the sane ones that kinda keep me watching. but after last nite's episode w the Kandi/NeNe's official, NeNe Leakes...I'M OFF THAT!


Thursday, September 24, 2009


"embrace the UNcool...become a fan" -me

why do i love this? b/c too often ppl get caught up in everything going on around much so that they forget who they are. they find themselves doing things, saying things, going places, etc just b/c that's what the majority is doing. doing the expected b/c that's what they're so used to doing. what's cool isn't always popular & what's popular isn't always cool.

step outside of your predetermined box.
embrace YOU for a change.
experience what it's like to be a leader.
carve your own path in life & stick to it.

we all have the ability to change...evolve...become better. go against the grain, try being YOU. im sure you'll pretty much LOVE it. i suppose it can be a scary thing to branch out on your own after being under the covering of a group of "friends" 4 so long...take a risk. live YOUR life.

so if u catch me on twitter & facebook saying this, now u know why. there is always a method 2 my madness ;-) so are u ready? embrace your UNcool. do something different!



i am feeling the effects of today's workout more than ever. on top of waking up @ 6a to hike to the tippy top of Little Mountain, today was also the 1st day back to school. *rollin eyes* im BEYOND tired.

we did make good time reaching the mid point of the mountain...15 minutes. miss stella decides we should hike all the way to the tower which is basically the highest point of the mountain.... good grief! nevertheless, im proud of me! and MOMster?? well she stuck to the lower trail & did 6 laps which is equal to 3 miles. kudos to her as well.

we're getting there blogger babies...consistency is coming. bear with us!!!


LOCAL LOYALTY: clothe me in hip hop

clothe me in hip hop. dress me up in the bass of it's history.
brooklyn, breakin', & beat-boxin. i long to be fresh.
swaddle me in the frocks originating to the west.
i desire more than khakis, chuck taylors, & locs.
allow me to be decked out in 808s, hi-hats, & snares.
accessorized with 16 bars of hotness.
clothe me in hip hop.

as i have established in previous posts...i rolls w my ppl from the Inland Empire & am always happy to oblige a request. my friend @lathonn hit me up abt this clothing line..i took a look and i digs it!

colorful, fun, & fitting to the trends. i love the slogans, i love the accessories featured in the just works. i love how the idea behind this season is to keep it simple...go back to the basics, yet the name of the line is ACRYLICK. acrylic is known to be the substance fake nails are made of. oxymoron much? it works though. sometimes you can find the most necessary things in the most unexpected of places.

"life isn't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride..." acrylick clothing company

do yourself a favor...check out their website. ACRYLICK. this is where u can access their blog & the lookbook for the fall/holiday 2009 season.

go NOW!!!

enjoy blogger babies!

for more info...follow @lathonn
or @acrylickco


*sidenote* the picture above is one of my fave shirts..the "True Love Mix" tee by ACRYLICK. not to mention that FLYY "chinese jumprope" ear gadget. lol im working on finding out where i can cop that...ASAP. & yes, i just made up that name for it. dont judge me...become a fan! ;-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

REAL TALK: overheard on CNN HLN news

this morning while tuning in to CNN HLN news, i caught one of the correspondents (Jaime, i think her name was) talking about how we don't know how to grieve anymore. she touched on the "celebrities" who have self-medicated themselves instead of turning to the old fashion way of mourning... CRYING! i couldn't agree with her more. these celebrities are dropping like flies & "prescription" drugs seem to be the common denominator in all of these cases.

i understand that the hollyweird life can be very stressful but this is the lifestyle that these ppl chose. i despise when celebrities don't own up to their influence. you're in the limelight...OF COURSE you have ppl looking up to you, live responsibly. how dare the public expect so much of you right? WRONG! i wish these idiots would get a friggin clue....medicating yourself is NOT the answer. get a therapist for Christ's sake! talk about your problems... DEAL with your issues!!!! and when all options have been exhausted... CRY!


p.s "fame is a drug" t-shirt is by Dope Couture & was featured in the Drake/Trey Songz "Successful" video.


seems like every Drake video is the "most anticipated video of the year", so here is yet another one. i LOVE that this is such a "feel good" song. even when Drake does wrong, it's still right.

so i totally wish THIS was a full song. totally one of the best intros ever. *sigh* i adore Tremaine.

also, one of my fave songs of the moment... Break Up - Mario, Mr. Hideous, & Sean Garrett.

& last on my playlist of the week... P!NK. i've always been a fan & admired how she transitioned from R&B to pop/rock. LOVES her! her new song Funhouse is pretty darn amazing. the video is crazy, but i dig it.

P!NK- Funhouse

enjoy the music blogger babies!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FLASHBACK: playlist...

this video right here had me loving shorts & boots....yes, i still rock that look. flat boots, cowboy boots, etc i do it all. lol i remember dancing & singing in my mirror 2 this joint. lmao i was such a funny kid.

Jade- Don't Walk Away


BONDING THRU EXERCISE: the rough side of the mountain....

so this morning miss sheila, the MOMster, & i climbed Little Mountain. *sigh* no joke, that mess was CRUCIAL. i now feel the effects ALL over my body. this mountain is SUPER steep and the first leg of the hike has to be atleast a mile of rocky terrain. & i wouldn't doubt it if it was more than a mile b/c the trek down took forever as well.

i totally felt the burn in my booty and hips & that is precisely where i want to tone up. despite the severity of the hike... i LOVED it.

the view from Little Mountain....amazing


MODEL BEHAVIOR: told u she's HAUTE!!

last month in Fab Files i featured my gorgeous friend Brandi Bell as the next HAUTE model. well here she is at an Ashley Paige beach party @ a Malibu beach house. she is in the way way way cute purple bikini w the large sequins.

indulge in ASHLEY PAIGE

for booking info:

follow her on twitter: @sheistheb


Monday, September 21, 2009

MY 2 CENTS: Kardashian-Odom

i will keep this short & simple.
Khloe can do better.
and i can pretty much guarantee
that this will be over just as
quickly as it began. mark my words.
luhvs the Khloe-ster but really now,
we all know she goes thru black men
at an expedited rate. BIBLE! haha.
plus, she's only like 24....beeeyotch
isn't signing a prenup & Lamar's lame.
u aint fooling noooobody Khloe.
*sidenote: khloe, i will let u have ur
shine w Odom. but Kim & Reggie were the
best interracial Kardashian couple ever!*
(insert Kanye shrug here) HAHA.


WATCH WHAT HAPPENS: ur just a tool...

Vh1 got it right with this show. i LOVE Tool Academy. i was nervous that the second season would be too watered down, scripted, or just FAKE....but i am pleased with it so far. if you haven't heard of this telling you now, watch it & get addicted. it's about guys who are unsuspectingly entered into a behavior bootcamp by their girlfriends who are fed up with their lying, cheating, outlandish ways. the group therapy sessions are intense...especially when it comes to fidelity, i mean INfidelity.

emotions run high and both the men and women let their tears flow. THIS is what reality television should be like!

watch Tool Academy 2 sundays on VH1 at 9p...check your local listings to be sure.


Twitter Me This: funny funny..

twitter is primetime comedy man. lmao. thanks @rickyanderson for tweeting this onto my timeline. here is Affion Crockett doing a parody of "Run This Town"...

enjoy a laugh blogger babies!


Twitter Me This: #musicmonday

so i often get tweets from ppl asking me to listen to their music. if i dont know you...then most likely i wont even acknowledge your tweet. rude much? yea, i can be. so today i got 2 tweets from artists asking me to support them...twitter is about networking and such sooo i thought i'd lend a hand. give these twits some's not hurting me any. plus, whatever feed back they get can be helpful to their career (or lack thereof). also, this will be a new category of blog posts. #musicmonday on twitter. whenever artists, or their ppl, hit me up...i will post them on here.

soooo here goes nothing:

RT @hoadmusik @MiaMcK #musicmonday Download the mixtape GRINDHOUSE "More than a group, it's a family

RT @TroubleGod @MiaMcK #MusicMonday Support me and my music juss released my new Track: Free DL By @TroubleGod

feedback blogger babies?? hit up the artists @troublegod and @hoadmusik & tell 'em what u think!


catch me on twitter @miamck

PLAYLIST: friendly recommendation...

my lovely & talented friend Tasha (better known to most FAMU folks as @iLondon_Nicole) hipped me to her cousin XV. i show love & loyalty to my friends when they send me recommendations so of course i had to check him out to see if i was diggin him. clearly, i am since he is making my PLAYLIST. his flow is pretty darn catching... can someone have a charismatic voice? haha, if so... he has it.

Fall Out The Sky is his new single off this year's album Everybody's Nobody. if the trailer for the vid is this entertaining, im sure the actual vid will be dope. check out his website where u can watch the trailer.

XV- Fall Out the Sky (listen HERE)

now i must say, after spending a few hours listening to his music on his MYSPACE PAGE, i have to say my fave song is the title track off his album. EVERYBODY'S NOBODY. very catchy.

XV- Everybody's Nobody (love it HERE)

next 2 blow much? you heard it here first. jump on his bandwagon!

follow him: @xtothev

DISASTERS IN DATING: sometimes fairytales do exist...

a friend of mine sent me an email last week asking me, "have you seen this before?" my first thought of course leads me to say no. i had never seen the slideshow of this AMAZING proposal. leave it to me to look deeper into the question, "have you seen this before?" what is he really asking have i seen before? love? thoughtfulness? care? respect? friendship? reverence? faith? hope? God?

did i go too deep? doubt it. it is the little things that give you a glimpse of the bigger things that really do exist. because he shared this with me i was able to share this couple's memory. i was able to add this snippet of their lives to my mental Rolodex, store it away, & access it whenever i need a boost of faith in love. cuz i suppose that fairy tales really do exist... sometimes.

REMEMBER THE RITZ. go to that link & i promise you will be inspired.


p.s. thank you Cyrah, again, for sharing this with me. :-)

MODEL BEHAVIOR: more fragrant than A. Rose....

yes yes yall, and she don't stop! Amber Rose is silencing all haters right now & i luhv it. strutting in New York Fashion Week Shows, featured in the HAUTEST fashion mags, signed to a premier agency, & now... the face of the victorious. she's such a superhero! Michael Boadi's new fragrance Boadicea The Victorious is going to be on the vanity of every woman...mark my words.

sheesh, amazing much??


the 'B'est to ever do it...

Bey loves the kids. this vid is circulating the blog spots & i can see why..such a tear jerker. i swear, Beyonce' is a true class act. how can you not love her??



"if i'm not on your street, it's because i'm on my own corner..." -Bishop Kenneth Wells

this quote comes from an extremely inspiring sermon that my Bishop delivered yesterday at church. when he said it, i was like "wow wow wubbzy" that sums up how i have felt for the majority of this year. being the social person that i am, people have come to expect me to be everywhere, all the time & in the know on it all. SO not the case. it is overwhelming when FRANEMIES want you to give give give so much of yourself, while no one is in turn depositing anything into you. your spirit becomes negative...just like a bank account. i can't give you happy go lucky if there is no happy go lucky in me. i can't give you time if the 24 hrs alotted to me are already predisposed. how can i possibly be in the know on every tom, dick, harry, jane, & eve when i don't actually care what these ppl are doing? how can i focus on my own future successes when the masses are vying for my attention? I CAN'T!!! so before you ask yourself "where is mia?" or "where is jane, eve, harry, tom, & dick?".... look at where you are & focus on that instead. allow me to clean up my corner before i invite you to my hood. and while i'm doing my neighborhood clean up.... how about you sweep your street to keep yourself occupied with your own life. sound like a plan?

my dear blogger babies... DO YOU. BE YOU. LOVE YOU. TRUST YOU. ENCOURAGE YOU. & once you do so, happiness is sure to follow.


FRESH FROCKS: mirror mirror on the dress....

i didn't really tune in to the Emmys or the red carpet pre-show, but when i did i caught a glimpse of this AMAZING dress in the background. it looked like broken pieces of glass strategically & artistically plastered on this garment. the way it caught the light was just breath-taking. SO then i proceeded to channel surf hoping that one of the tv stations would be talking about her. E! never lets me down. Kristin Chenoweth was the mystery gal & her dress... was absolutely gorgeous. grrrr i can't find the designer who made the dress BUT never fear i will have that info ASAP.

cut this out & frame it in my heart cuz i adore this look.


p.s. thanks to my OG twitter friend @opethestylist for the info on Kristin's dress. the designer is Zuhair Murad. Thanks Ope!!! oh yea, check out Ope's BLOG... im sure you will enjoy the HAUTENESS of it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Twitter Me This: Mechanical Dummy

i dont even know where to start with this situation because im SO annoyed by it. please tell me when will the media let Chris Brown live? omfg! this dude can't even tweet freely without blogs & "franemies" ("friends/fans/enemies" they all go hand in hand in his situation) having a heart attack over every character in his 140 moments of freedom. his stress over this situation is even reflected in his twitter name: @mechanicaldummy. i mean, i may just be reading too deeply into it but that name is SCREAMING for ppl to leave him alone. his every move has become so calculated & scripted that he has become the updated version of Pinocchio. every move scrutinized, every word magnified & blown out of proportion. i would be beyond irritated if i had to censor my tweets. famous or not, twitter is a place where ur supposed to be able to speak freely. well, as freely as possible. to most, twitter is a diary of sorts... 140 characters of sometimes irrational thoughts at any given moment. but damn... it's only entertainment. it's not the Bible. again i will say, LET CHRIS BROWN LIVE!

follow him: @mechanicaldummy

and check out his new guest spot on Ester Dean's new song "Drop it Low"

i digs it...can't wait for Chris's comeback!


PLAYLIST: this dude right here...

amazing right?? cop the album...if not for the dope singles (day & nite, make her say) then simply for the album's artwork!!! Kid Cudi, with the support of intelligent buyers, will def be BEASTIN on the music industry soon enough. underrated? psssssh! just give him his "just due" & he wont be one of those artists who get swept to the side by the ever-flowing current of LAME music. i rolls w Kid Cudi!!!

cop that joint!! Man on the Moon: The End of the Day


BONDING THRU EXERCISE: official day four

Labor Day weekend brought more than fun times with the extended family, it also brought a hiatus to our workout routine. we def dropped the ball and got sidetracked with all sorts of household business that needed to be taken care of. this week my mom started working out with her longtime friend Sheila over at Blaire Park here in San Bernardino. She went twice earlier this week and this morning i joined them at 6am for this daunting trail. the park has 2 hills, one is HUGE and the other...not so much. Sheila, Stella, my mom, & i tackled the small trail today which starts with a nice incline to get your heart going and your booty burning then winds, dips, and curves for about a 1/4 mile around. the hilly terrain is a doozy! we power walked the trail 6 times, which equates to about a 3 miles....honeeeeeey!!!! it was no joke. i seriously feel the burn in dang near my whole body, from my calves all up through my abs.

the Blaire Park experience was great because there are a lot of other joggers & walkers that come out in the morning, everyone is friendly & greets each other in passing. it has a community feel to it. 2moro we hit the big hill and im a little nervous but the excitement of toning these thighs definitely outweigh any hesitance.

so yea, we're officially back on board. stay tuned!


Model Behavior: ICON is her name

Chanel Iman.
gorgeous much?
she was the guest judge on the premiere episode of this season of America's Next Top Model. *sidenote...ANTM this season ROX! all of the contestants are 5'7 & under. yay for the petites! almost every girl KILLED their 1st photoshoot last week, which i have never seen on any cycle. this week they dropped the ball a little but im still expecting great things from this season* back to Chanel, she has graced the runways and covers of the most prestigious magazines & fashion houses. not quite 20 years old and already she is SHUTTING ish down in the world of fashion. kudos to her & i hope to see her around for years to come... WITHOUT all the bad press that comes with the territory of celebrity. im rooting for you Chanel!


WATCH WHAT HAPPENS: not so beautiful...

soooo i watched the premiere of The Beautiful Life: TBL last night on the CW and i must say.... underwhelming at best. the acting seemed so contrived, distant, & unbelievable. idk, blogger babies...i just wasn't feeling it. Mischa Barton seemed not to be acting at all. her character's storyline could have been ripped from a page of her own reality. the dialogue was predictable & the characters fell flat...often. i will probably give the show 2 or 3 more episodes of my attention to see if it picks up, but right now it doesn't have my vote. the writers, producers, & directors should have known better than to put a weak show in the line up of CW shows that are carrying major weight (90210, Gossip Girl, & Melrose Place). Beauty will NOT get you far with me and i won't be surprised if the show doesn't last.

p.s. the FASHION on the show wasn't even that hot. you gotta come correct if you want to compete with the flawlessness that is the wardrobe of Gossip Girl.


FAB FILES: domestic diva....

a month or so ago i was indulging in good reads over on the Fly Guy Chronicles website & happened upon a video they posted of Shanel Cooper-Sykes giving her input on why women THINK there are no good men out there. needless to say, her honest & intelligent take on this misconception garnered her a new fan...ME! i made sure to reach out to her on facebook & let her know how much i appreciated her viewpoint and to encourage her to keep bringing the FABULOUSNESS! sometimes women get too caught up in pettiness that we lose sight of the beauty in SISTERHOOD. being a bitch, hating, & gossiping aren't characteristics becoming of REAL women. so the next time you see a woman doing her thang, reach out to her. go the extra distance to compliment her makeup, hair, or outfit. TRUST, it will do wonders for your own self-esteem. ANYWHO, back to the diva at hand... Shanel is also an author (Stilettos in the Kitchen), a motivational speaker/life-coach, a makeup artist, & a domestic goddess. all of these qualities and more earn her a spot in my FAB FILES. enjoy!

Shanel's vid- Are There No Good Men?

Are There No Good Men? from The Fly Guy on Vimeo.

excerpts from her book: Stilettos in the Kitchen

visit her website to order her book:

be fab blogger babies!


PLAYLIST: gimme dat Cash Cash....

i LOVE this video/song... it's fun. makes me happy. i get into my pop rock/ alternative moods sometimes and this is a vid that def gets me going. expand ur musical horizons blogger babies!

Cash Cash- Party In Your Bedroom



Monday, September 14, 2009

my 2 cents...

hair-on, coke cain, ex to see, jagged little pills... anything for a thrill. flashing lights. blonde dikes. groupie clones. living life on MAXIMUM wage. what's the big deal? he ONLY crashed a stage...

before i even watched the VMAs (p.s. i still havent) i seen that twitter was going ape sh-t over this Kanye fiasco. my opinion? SO WHAT!!!! she's a big girl. if it wasn't this, it would have been her falling on stage or being crucified for lip synching or some other teeny bopper issue that plagues the white washed world of Disney-ish pop stars. honestly, i dont even consider her a country singer. carrie underwood? yes, country all the way. Taylor Swift? best buddies with the other Disney broads, she's a pop artist at best.

im not heartless, i can def see how everyone is upset but it cause for Donald Trump to start a boycott on all things Kanye? NO WAY! the way ppl are going at Kanye's head makes them no better than he is. atleast he didn't get up there and tell her how GARBAGE she is (not that i think she's garbage...but yea, she's no Beyonce'). and like i have been saying since jump... Little Swift will be thanking Kanye soon enough.

and for all the Kanye haters... let's start with this: the "Y" goes AFTER the "N". losers. like the VMA host, Russell Brand, said "we're all ppl; these things are silly....calm down, no one died. it's alright". i knew i kinda liked his weird self for a reason.

call me biased...but im Team Kanye all the way. Little Swift will become America's poor little sweetheart, her records will sell, & she will leak some nude pictures of herself. but what will happen to Kanye? he has to apologize (no matter how sincere it may be) & still be crucified as the tantrum throwing "mama's boy" that everyone loves to describe him as. OMG....get used 2 it ppl. Kanye is the MAN and despite his shenanigans & coonish antics, he will STILL be one the most relevant ppl in the entertainment industry.

long live Kanye, his blonde dike, & that damn bottle of Henny!


LOCAL LOYALTY: "west coast in the house...n**ga YUP!!"

of course i had to spotlight my favorite west coast artists of the moment. again i will say... I ROLLS WITH THEM! i posted their last video "Mayor" last month so here goes their new joint "Pac Div".

all my west coasters stand up!! Pac Div one time..what it is!!


Twitter Me This: lovin the twit pic

straight from @misskeribaby's twitter page.
im LOVING her new 'do. perhaps she got my memo.
the color is PERFECT. the cut is INTERESTING.
YES YES YES all around. the hair heavens have blessed her.

now, if she would just work on her live performances she would be in the running to becoming one of my faves. you can do it Keri!


PLAYLIST: he has the golden touch...

i guess Trey Songz has the golden touch cuz honestly, Amerie is RARELY hot. her 1st album was pretty coo & overall she has had a few songs that i've liked. but generally... i don't think Amerie has that IT factor. she has yet to come across the right mix of factors that give her an edge in the industry.

sooo yea, im trying to decipher if i like this song only b/c Trey is on it... or do i really like it??

i figure the masses will be drawn to it initially b/c Trey is featured, it will have a nice little vid (b/c Trey will be in it) & she will get a little bit of hot press in the end.

kudos Amerie & co for a smart move.

Amerie ft/ Trey Songz- Pretty Brown Eyes (listen HERE)

sooo blogger babies, what do you all think?? u dig it?


the 'B'est to ever do it...

this woman is absolutely the most amazing performer. naysayers...say what ever you like but numbers & longevity do not lie. Beyonce' WILL go down in MJ. she's timeless...she will continue to grow & conquer. she goes above & BEYONce. i LOVE this performance 1) b/c i always wanted to hear "Sweet Dreams" as a syrupy, smooth ballad. 2) b/c no matter how many times i see "single Ladies" performed..she shows out like it's her first time giving it 2 the masses. 3) her effort is second nature... perfection is flowing in her veins. she's SO 100%.

i adore Beyonce'.


p.s. almost all "official" vids of her performance were "legally" taken down. very hard 2 find 'em.

Twitter Me This: funny funny....

this lil diddy is floating around twitter today. a parody of Lil Mama's unrequited guest appearance during Jay Z & Alicia Keys' performance at the VMAs last nite. i must say...this is quite hill air e us.

have a laugh blogger babies!


Friday, September 11, 2009


i am asked FREQUENTLY .."why do you type L-VE instead of love?"
..because L-VE is the REAL four letter word. not "fuck". fucking is easy, not l-ving me is more offensive. to me the word FUCK is simple. the word L-VE is more abusive, if you don't mean it
- BrookLynneCarter

i L-VE this quote. straight from the stripper's mouth. her reasoning behind it IS quite logical. i knew i liked this chick for a reason.

i'd rather you FUCK me than L-VE me....sad, but this is the way a lot of women think/feel. how did love become so offensive? so easily expendable. trading in l-ve for fucking like LOVE is not the absolute essence of GOD.

yes, l-ve is is the Christian walk. it was never meant to be easy. but our society is so obsessed with getting things NOW...the instant gratification...we forgot what it's like to work for what we want. women traded in their comfy shoes for a pair of "get 'em girl" stilettos, we don't desire the chase. men stopped bending over backwards for the object of their affection...because it's much easier to bend her over, the object of his erection.

what happened to LOVE??? 1 corinthians 13: 4-7

idk, blogger babies... until we all find it again, i guess l-ve is what we will have to live with.

GOD luck with your search.


HEY MR. PRESIDENT: let's trade places....

now honestly, if a black congressman yelled this out to Bush there would be SERIOUS news coverage and all sorts of back lash. because it was Bush. furthermore, i think this situation won't get TOO big because Obama is TOO BIG for it. this man is crying out for attention because at the 14 second mark it sounds like he says "you lie" amid the other background conversation and then said it again at the 19 sec mark when the noise level quiets down. what a friggin asshole. a disrespectful asshole.

if Obama wasn't the classy President that he is, i'm sure he would have said "now look here muthaf***a...." lol i love the couple seconds of composure he did after the outburst. what a man, what a man, what a man...what a mighty good man. YES HE IS!

we still love you President Obama!!


PLAYLIST: a lil bit-o-Drizzy

as always, the internet STAYS buzzing over any Drake song that drops. i love that he keeps us anticipating his album's release by dropping HOT songs continuously. SMART.

"i never cried when Pac died, but i prolly will when Hov does"

please listen to the don't have to be a rapper to relate. i love Drake cuz he got back to the true art of being a lyricist.

Drake- FEAR (listen HERE)


PLAYLIST: slow 2 steppin....

so i was over on concrete loop (CL) today and peeped that Keri has a new vid. YES!!!! and it just so happens to be my FAVORITE song off her album. omg...i used to have this on repeat for days & days at a time. fun video w lots of cameos. dope girl fresh, designer Melody Ehsani, was of course my fave person 2 pop up in the vid. i ADORE her shoes/accessories and so does Keri (she is ALWAYS seen rocking smthn from M.E). but yea, peep the vid below.

enjoy blogger babies!!


p.s. i LOVE this new look on Keri cuz i was so BEYOND the quick weave with blonde undertones. GAG!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

POETICALLY INCLINED: i wish i could plagiarize....

have you ever read something that you wished you wrote? seen a photo that you desired to capture? a memory that you dreamt was your own? or fell in love with someone who by all means you simply couldn't have?

i wish i could plagiarize you.
take your heart as my own.
inhale your breath & speak your words.
become one.
i wish i could plagiarize you.
copy your dreams for my reality.
imitate your thoughts & mimic your touch.
become one.
i wish i could plagiarize you.
download your DNA to make a mini you.
keep you on my hard drive & plug into you often.
become one.
i wish i could plagiarize you.
be the author of your life.
permanently write me in & erase an ending.
become one.
i wish i could plagiarize you.
trace every contour of your face.
etch ur features into my memory & never forget you.
become one.

i wish i could plagiarize you....


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

REAL TALK: beauty is only skin deep...

society has seriously skewed our perception of beauty. by no means am i professing to be one of those types that finds beauty in everything... but i do live & let live. my concern with someone else's looks doesn't make me more attractive. so who am i to judge someone's femininity/masculinity based on their looks? YES, i will be the first to admit that i enthusiastically believe in making the best first impression possible, but in the end...who you are is who you are. i read about Caster Semenya a few weeks ago when there was an uproar over her gender. granted, at first glance she does resemble a man...but the makeover that took place next is what irked me.

does she have to wear makeup, a dress, & nail polish to be a woman? this whole controversy is seriously sending the wrong message to young girls worldwide. what happened to loving yourself just the way God made you? tomboy or not. the fact that gender testing on this 18 year old girl was even propositioned is SO beyond me. i appluad Caster for taking this all in stride with the grace, dignity, & class of a REAL WOMAN.

more on caster semenya's makeover HERE.


WATCH WHAT HAPPENS: the complex is back!

i am so beyond geeked for the premiere tonight. Melrose Place was my guilty pleasure when i was a kid. funny thing is, i had NO idea what was REALLY goin on in this steamy complex. now that im older im sure i will be able to fully grasp the story lines and perhaps RELATE to 'em. haha. yummy yummy...can't wait!

what other shows do you all want to see come back??


Sunday, September 6, 2009


"may the best of your past, be the worst of your future..." - Nate Wolfe

i can only pray that the dreams & hopes that i consider AMAZING at this point in my life, become the worst of my realities in my future.


FAB FILES: Jigga my Nigga....

there really isn't much 2 say. HOV is so BEYOND everyone.



day three was on thursday, 9/3/09, then we took a break for the holiday wknd. thursday my mom & i were joined by her bff Kim at the Arroyo Valley high school track. GREAT workout. we did a mile on the track and ran the bleachers (great for the booty & thighs). Kim, whom i affectionately call Smurf, has been my mom's bff for yeeeeeaars & we both love her dearly. after her son died 2yrs ago she started putting on the weight that she previously lost via gastric bypass surgery. My mom & Kim both had the surgery about 5 years ago and now they are both gaining weight again. i feel like im juat what they need to jumpstart their motivation and keep it going. stay tuned for more!

what are some things that prevent you from staying in shape???


JUST SAYIN: family is everything....

it's labor day weekend and we all know what that means. food, family, & fun. well, for my family atleast. this year the majority of the fam got together at Cookie & David's house for a block party. customary with our family functions is drankin, dominoes, food, jokes, & other randomness. as i sat on the front yard under a tent amongst family, i realized that this is what i want... forever. i don't really think im being biased but i must admit, MY FAMILY IS BETTER THAN YOURS. like seriously. i think every last one of them is AMAZING. and i adore the fact that all of these generations of kin can come together so easily and enjoy each other's company so often. whomever im in a relationship with will have to go through hell when meeting (all at one time) my brothers, my cousin Kaliev, and my uncle/cousins BoBo, Artist, Tony, & Gerald... i almost feel sorry for the poor schmuck who captures my heart.

but yea, i LOVE my HUGE family.... im just sayin.

love your family!!! Knights- Lemmons descendants are the best!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009


yesterday was day two of our challenge & we had to go to a different track b/c our old high school was already locked up. the track we ended up on was TERRIBLE! rocky & super walked 5 laps! go her! we talked a little bit about my sudden popularity with guys. lol not that i haven't always held the attention of the opposite sex, it's just that lately a lot of guys have been coming out of the wood works professing their interest. it's crazy! anywho, i think we're gonna try to get my Nana (mom's mom) to come work it out with us.

dinner? shrimp pasta with whole wheat pasta shells, sweet corn & sweet peas.

today is Day 3...update you all later.

so blogger babies, what do you do to stay in shape??? hit me up on twitter (@miamck) or leave a comment!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


"there is a perfect ME that im dying to be. this process is gut wrenchingly HARD..." -mia mckinley

growing up is hard. learning to love the person you are is even harder. it is truly a process. one that sometimes requires you to take a look at yourself without those perfection producing glasses we sometimes wear. no smoke, no mirrors...all illusions aside. who are you? and if you know, are you secure with it? the journey to self-love is much needed. do you have your ticket?


PLAYLIST: DIRTY $$$ beeeeybeeh!

so again, the internet is buzzing with new music. DIRTY MONEY! and i have to say, this is the first song that has Diddy on it that i have LOVED in a very very long time (kudos Uncle Sean). Kalenna (first verse) sounds sooooo sexy. i rolls with her! this pic is hot too...those jackets are dope boy fre$h!!!

here's the zshare link: LOVE COME DOWN

enjoy blogger babies!



so yesterday signified DAY ONE of 90 days of exercise for my mommy & me. i have challenged her to these 90 days because we are both under a lot of stress and there is no better way to combat stress than with exercise. my "Bonding Thru Exercise" entries will diary our experiences.

if you know me, you know that my relationship with my MOMster is an interesting one, as most mother-daughter ones are. i became a tad rebellious in my teenage years and our relationship suffered. we get on each other's nerves, A LOT...but of course the love outweighs it all. i know my momma like the back of my hand and i don't think she even realizes how well i know her.

my hope for these 90 days is to allow my mom to get to know me on a different level. im not her "BABY" 24 years old and i KNOW she doesn't know her 24 YEAR OLD YOUNG WOMAN-CHILD lol. hopefully, we can gain a better understanding of each other & get in shape/healthy at the same time!

DAY ONE- 9/1/09
we spent basically all day together running errands & such, before she suggested we go walking. we got changed and headed over to OUR old high school (almost my whole family graduated from the same high school) & try out their new track. LOVED IT! the Indians funded the new football stadium & it's pretty amazing. i dig it b/c the track isn't's soft, spongy, turf. easy on the legs! we did a mile (4 laps) and ended with some stretching. im actually really proud of my mom for even going cuz she is the queen of excuses.

dinner? SUBWAY!!

today is DAY TWO and i will update 2moro on how it goes.

we are accountable for each other.



MTV Jams was playing some jams last nite. remember this video?? it didn't get a lot of play, but this is when Drake & Trey Songz first hooked up (the next time would be Trey Songz's "wonder woman" song/vid). you wanna know why every chick from cali to egypt is in love with Trey? cuz he gained that grown man weight!!! lol he used to be a cute, skinny kid...but now, well yall know what he is now. and Drake looks like a baby in this vid! haha. loves it!

enjoy blogger babies!

and pick up Trey's's amazing!!


REAL TALK: can he live???

aside from the lip synching on "wall to wall", this performance was amazing. the MJ tribute, the dramatic collapse at the end, the entertaining dancing, & the praise from other industry A-listers. you see ashanti, nelly, & beyonce' all googly eyed & happy while he is performing? when are we gonna allow Chris to remove his scarlet letters?? DV is no laughing matter, but people make mistakes. let the man live. why are people scrutinizing his every move, laying in wait for his next DV victim? pssssh! he's 20 and has plenty of growing up to do. but, i commend him for trying to get back to the world of the living in spite of the naysayers. im looking forward to his Larry King interview tonight.

p.s. Rihanna's contribution to this performance was bittersweet. the words to "umbrella" seem to be a testament to their current situation.

"i told you i'll be here forever..."

well honey, can you wait 5 years until he gets off of probation??


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"im living proof that sometimes u gotta fall back before u fall flat.." via @spgeed on twitter.

im so happy i came across this on twitter today cuz this is EXACTLY how i feel. right now im on a hiatus from my "normal" day 2 day activities/behavior. it's not me running from issues, it's me taking time to myself to get in order. it's easy to become wrapped up in the shuffle of ur everyday & forget the basics. family & God. i love my friends...but they are expendable 2 an extent.

im sure we have all dealt with quotables... i mean "friends". those friends who stab you in the front (how considerate, right?). before stress & such overcome you it can be very therapeutic to fall back. spend time with yourself with as little distractions as possible. i have people hunting me down right now tryin to get in contact with me... but they are the least of my worries. selfish? maybe... but isn't it selfish to want me to be ever present in YOUR life while MY life isn't orderly? put on someone else's shoes for a second & imagine their walk.

but yea, im spending time with God & it's hard b/c confessing my sins/faults to Him is the most intimidating thing. even though He KNOWS what i did/will do, the Bible says "confess". so to everyone out there who is wondering about me...let me be. i had to fall back before i fell flat. BUT, thanks for your concern.


p.s. i love you blogger babies. take care of YOU...cuz ur the only YOU that you will get. and remember, God doesn't bless mess. u gotta get in order.