DISASTERS IN DATING: sometimes fairytales do exist...

a friend of mine sent me an email last week asking me, "have you seen this before?" my first thought of course leads me to say no. i had never seen the slideshow of this AMAZING proposal. leave it to me to look deeper into the question, "have you seen this before?" what is he really asking have i seen before? love? thoughtfulness? care? respect? friendship? reverence? faith? hope? God?

did i go too deep? doubt it. it is the little things that give you a glimpse of the bigger things that really do exist. because he shared this with me i was able to share this couple's memory. i was able to add this snippet of their lives to my mental Rolodex, store it away, & access it whenever i need a boost of faith in love. cuz i suppose that fairy tales really do exist... sometimes.

REMEMBER THE RITZ. go to that link & i promise you will be inspired.


p.s. thank you Cyrah, again, for sharing this with me. :-)


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