Monday, August 31, 2009

FRESH FROCKS: do you believe in MAGIC??

totally wish i was in vegas for the Magic Tradeshow...grrr!! lots of dopeness going on there right now. (aug 31-sept 2).

go HERE for more info on the Magic show that happens every february and august.

personal faves that will be there??

Boxing Kitten (info)
Melody Ehsani (info)

a fashion fiend's heaven..boy, i tell ya. i def gotta make it to a show one of these years.



"365 times in the Bible it says, 'do not be afraid, fear not'..." -unknown

my friend had this in her FB status & i loved it.
God is watching over you every single day of the year.
His grace & mercy will never leave you.

keep on, keeping on.
don't give up on your dreams b/c you're afraid (to succeed or fail).
don't allow daily stressors to overcome you.
He is the only man that will never leave or forsake you.
trust Him.
He has your back.
life is hard, but do not be afraid. fear not.


PLAYLIST: im SO ready

it's here!!! Trey Songz's MUCH anticipated album is finally here! i have listened to a few songs and can't seem to get past ONE LOVE. great love song! he addresses issues that women have with simply acknowledging that we want love. sometimes love is as easy as taking "his" hand & BEING. i know we all just want to BE. happy, in love, content, protected, trusted....we all just want to be. so ladies, if you're tired of running from love you will ADORE this song.

Trey Songz- One Love

did u listen to it?? the vulnerability in this song is to be admired. it takes a lot for men and women to be completely OKAY with telling their significant other that they simply need them.

and for all you love makers out there, Neighbors Know My Name, will seriously get you going. Mr. Tremaine def knows how to make a love making song.

Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name

sexy right?? i don't know about you blogger babies, but im so READY for Trey Songz to blow. no matter if you've been rocking with him since braids & "Just Gotta Make It" or you're diggin him now with his fade & "Successful" sure he appreciates the support.

go cop the album...everyone's raaaaaving about it!


p.s. just found a sleeper hit. the sound is different from the majority of work we've heard from Trey. BLACK ROSES (listen) BUT i digs this!!

"aint gon' be all peaches. i thought through the pain, you would stay...."

"who knew our love would ever be called a memory? who knew my home for happiness would soon be misery?...."

i feel you TREY!

FAB FILES: you can't deny her....

rihanna is THAT beeeyotch! there is no way you can deny her star power. granted, im not a huge fan of her music...have never felt the urge to buy an album...but there are an album's amount of songs by her that i do like. whether you love her or hate her, you're still watching her...insanely intrigued by her mystery. puzzled by the thought, "does she have a personality??"...magnetically drawn to every picture on every blog. subconsciously emblazoning every element of her strategically styled outfit into your memory & failing miserably when you try to pull the faux look off. she's my Dirty Diana...with crazy pointed nails, a pouty mouth, & shaved head. her new Vogue Italia shoot has been talked about the past couple of days on the web and i see why. dark, couture, striking, eclectic, psychotic, daring, mysterious...the words i thought when i seen the pictures. she is the golden star of the entertainment world. domestic violence, nude pictures, rumors, beef, etc etc. the world has watched and will continue to watch all while Rihanna changes outfits atleast twice daily & walks the streets of countless cities using the sidewalks as her runways.

for more pics of her Vogue Italia shoot go to


PLAYLIST: we all just wanna be successful...

this has been the most anticipated video of the past month or so...and i must say, i liked the "best i ever had" vid much better. *gasp* yea yea, sue me! money, cars, & lingerie clad hos.... a very literal interpretation of the song. boring much? granted, i LOVE trey songz (whose album READY is in stores today), but this vid was quite disappointing. sorry Drizzy, guess you can't make us all happy all of the time.

Drake feat. Trey Songz- Successful

so blogger babies, what are your thoughts on the vid???


DISASTERS IN DATING: case of the ex.....

this is for the ladies!

when it comes to the case of the ex...i think i am well versed enough on the topic to be considered an expert. i have dealt with an ex...been an ex... hated the ex....loved being the ex...missed the ex...had the ex...lost the ex... turned down the ex...counseled the ex...get the picture?

with all my experience with the EX factor, i thought i'd give some tips on how to handle being the ex and also how to handle your ex. by all means im not saying my word is law...but it should be. ;-)

when you're the ex: when a relationship ends there are a roller coaster of emotions that you go through. but when it's possible, try to keep your head about you. it's easy to fall victim to dramatics (trust me, been there & done that) but go against the grain & incorporate some class. the more you call him, try to see him...the more you're going to push him away. besides, if he chose to leave...let him. he doesn't deserve to see your tears or know how much he hurt you. RETAIN YOUR POWER! so behind those closed doors you can kick, scream, cry, curse, & lose sleep all you want....but as soon as you walk outside, make sure your face is a perfectly painted picture of cool, calm, collectedness. also, don't allow anyone to make you feel bad for hurting. BE's okay. but be sure to get busy doing something so that this hurt doesn't consume who you are. the faster you get back to being you, the easier this transition out of heartbreak will be.

when the ex won't let go: i am a firm UNbeliever in closure. there is no such thing. the questions you have or he has may not always have the answers either party wants to hear. this then leads to even more questions that may not have a "logical" answer. matter of fact, break ups aren't even always logical...cuz seriously, what is logical about that incessant ache in the pit of your stomach? sleepless nites? days without food? logic and heartbreak don't belong in the same sentence. the best thing you can do when you have a case of the ex not letting go, is not feed into it. it may hurt may hurt him, but ceasing ALL communication is the best way to put a damper in the ex's quest for reconciliation (although unrequited).

when you can't let go: be mature. now ladies, i know we are tempted to pull a RING THE ALARM act, but be mature about the situation. if the relationship is over, let it be over. easier said than done...yes i know. you feel like an integral part of who you are is now long gone & daily functions are hard...but be mature. if your guy has moved on...let him be happy. being mature enough to let someone be happy is the classiest thing you can ever do. im not simply talking out of my ass here ladies, i've always said that "i never want to be the reason for his unhappiness" & if i wasn't making him happy then im glad it ended. hard to admit? of course! women have egos too. but i never called, texted, or emailed in hopes of getting back with him. hard to swallow? of course! when you're in this situation, it's important that you take all the time you need to ween yourself off of this drug called "him". that means, NO DIPPING BACK. if the relationship is over, don't continue a sexual relationship. i've seen this happen and it just makes moving on THAT much harder. this is a huge NO NO if your ex is in a new relationship... respect yourself more. you deserve more than a part time lover. if he's gonna cheat, don't let it be with you. do you really wanna be with someone who is STILL cheating?? you must not be THAT special if he is only creeping with you at midnight but loving her in the daylight.

when you want to be friends with the ex: time is the only answer to this. when my ex & i broke up i thought we could just go back to being not the case. even after months and months had passed, i never understood why he couldn't be my friend. well three years later i found out. yea three years....three years of no contact with someone who professed undying love. it was crazy, but MUCH needed. when we finally got back in touch with each other, we discussed EVERYTHING. love was still there..simply because you can't just STOP loving someone. but time fades the IN part. so no, we aren't IN love...but there is deep care that goes beyond the time spent apart. in this new found friendship he told me why we couldn't be friends. he didn't want to stir up problems in his new relationship knowing the new gal was insecure when it came to me. *gasp* me?? lol why oh why would that be an issue? idk, i AM pretty darn cool. nah, but i understood his point. and he also said that he was really hurt over the breakup & simply couldn't be around me. so ladies, we must remember that men hurt too. the "let's be friends" line is for movies & tv. in real life, breakups & friendships aren't that cut & dry. both parties need to time to cool off, heal, & move on before a purely PLATONIC friendship can form.

basically ladies...and gentlemen... matters of the heart are always hard. there are no rules or remedies, only words of wisdom that you should meditate on so you can try to make the least amount of regrettable decisions as possible. stop the cycle of hurt, don't rush relationships, keep the lines of communication open, & be responsible. juggling someone's heart is scary and dropping it is even scarier.

the best piece advice i've ever received?? "spend more time being happy"- E.Sams


let me know!

drink, drive, have sex, & love...responsibly.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

PLAYLIST: Maxwell is scandalous....

undoubtedly, "Pretty Wings" is for sure going to be a timeless love/heartbreak song. it's BEAUTIFUL. i can honestly listen to that song alllll day & not bore of it.

BUT take a look at his video for "Bad Habits" much?? Kerry Washington exudes so much sex appeal & the chemistry between them is electric. LOVES IT!

"Baby, to tell the truth
When I'm sober I jones for you
When it's over I'm overdue
Girl, it's no one as bad as you..."

steamy right??


POETICALLY INCLINED: let me count the ways....

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

i absolutely love this poem. classic...timeless...infinite depiction of love.


In Loving Memory....

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson.
In all of your perceived glory & weirdness,
the world celebrates one of it's greatest icons.
May you FINALLY rest in peace.

i love Google's acknowledgment of MJ:


Friday, August 28, 2009

PLAYLIST: digitally sexy....

even though this song isn't extraordinary, i LOVE the video. abstract, sexy, vibrant, fresh, etc etc. i love the metallic painted ladies with the big hair, American Apparel outfits, & bold lip color.

p.s. Kanye's verse makes me LOL =)

ALSO, b/c im a HUGE fan of DC i thought i'd post a lil Wale on here. now let me say this, i am NOT a fan of Lady Gaga...but this song is dope. plus it makes me wanna pack my bags, move 2 DC, & make a long overdue stop @ Ben's Chili Bowl (yummmy!!!!). i remember when i had his "nike boots" song on my myspace page for moooonths! i rolls w Wale.

enjoy blogger babies!


FAB FILES: FeFe is back beeeyotches!!!!

FeFe has always walked to the beat of her own drum.. remember she was a tad bit rocker chic with a little pop/r&b edge?? with her there is never a gray area, either you LOVE her oooor you don't. and i must say, now is the time to love her. there is a time & season for everyone to shine, back in 2003 perhaps it just wasn't her moment. but now, she is back & more fierce than ever. i LOVE her interview with Honey Mag where she speaks so candidly about Rihanna's style being so eerily similar to hers... "I try to take it as a compliment. It gets a little much when she starts getting the same tattoos as me" (read the full interview HERE).

anywho, glad to have you back FeFe!!!

download/listen 2 her new song I WANT YOU


Thursday, August 27, 2009

REAL TALK: the will to fight

in the news today: a girl who was kidnapped at age 11 showed up almost 20 years later, alive & well. this woman is now 29 years old and allegedly has 2 children with the man who abducted her. how does this happen??

im pretty sure she didn't plan her own kidnapping in order to run off with this old ass man, so it makes me wonder why after 18 years did she finally trying to go home? did she simply lose hope & grow accustomed to the life this man and his WIFE forced upon her? on the contrary, she held on to a sliver of hope...perhaps it was her faith in God or just the thought of one day embracing her mother again...she held on to this hope. now, 18 years later her hope has manifested in to her reality. tragic story, yes. relevant to every day life, yes!

so many of us are faced with hardships that at times seem impossible to overcome. no money, no job, no this, & no these depressing times it can be so easy to lose your will to fight. thoughts of giving up plague our sleepless nights and we kind of mentally prepare ourselves to grow accustomed to this mediocre life. im telling you now...we all go through it. please don't give up. if after 18 years, this woman still had the fight in her to give it one more shot AND MAKE IT... give life ONE MORE SHOT and watch how you make it.

don't ever tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your GOD is.

It's Only a Test (song originally by Bishop Larry Trotter) idk who is in this vid.



"always forgive your enemies---nothing annoys them so much"- Oscar Wilde


WATCH WHAT HAPPENS: tiny & toya....

when i first heard about Tiny & Toya getting a show on BET, i honestly was dead set on boycotting it. i mean really, what would be so interesting about these chicks? Tiny's face? or Toya's relationship with Lil Wayne? either way, i was simply not interested. needless to say... i started watching it a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. the show was a refreshing break from the dramatic antics over on the ATL Housewives (another show i barely started watching). here are two women who are making the best out of the situations that their relationships with high-profile rappers put them in. i ADORE Toya...she is mature, attractive, & genuine. her personality is quite endearing & the main reason i continued to watch. annnd Tiny, well she isn't so bad either. hopefully they will have a second season of the show & we can get to the root of WHY SHE GOT WORK DONE ON HER FACE!!!!!! i love the fact that they are both taking the initiative to do positive things in their lives TOGETHER! i love that we see two black women on a reality show getting along & showing the world that Black women aren't always petty, dramatic, overbearing, bitchy, promiscuous, & jealous of each other. Kudos to Tiny & Toya... now let's pray BET doesn't cancel it 2 make room 4 the tomfoolery of shows like Frankie & Neffe.

p.s. if BET brings back Harlem Heights my respect 4 the brand may return as well. let's keep our fingers crossed. you can do it BET!!!


FRESH FROCKS: white hot! muy caliente

although wearing white shoes after Labor Day is considered to be a MAJOR Faux Pas, it looks like wearing white denim will be much more accepted. with a CERTIFIED HOT stamp from two of the industry's flyyest "trendsetters"...i'm sure we will be seeing every Jane, Betty, & Tameka with a pair of WHITE HOTS. u like??


*pictures from*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


the internet is blazing hot 2day with this "leaked" track sooo duh, im hopping on the bandwagon. "Forever" was def a hot track on Drake's mixtape so of course this unofficial remix is bound 2 be a crowd pleaser. so here ya go blogger babies.

Drake, Kanye, Eminem, & Lil Wayne- Forever



PLAYLIST: The Cataracs & such....

seen this vid yesterday & the white meat caught my eye. what can i say? i have a thing for flyy white guys...don't judge me plz & thanx! anywho, i spotted a few ppl making cameos in the club scene (i.e. Omarion). so yea, i then went & listened 2 some other music by them & i can say that im def digging them.

The Cataracs- Club Love

i rolls w Asher Roth, so i had 2 post his vid w Keri Hilson "She Don't Wanna Man". and again, Keri is STILL rocking that quick weave. Dear hairgods, please strike her hair down (kinda like MJ & the pepsi commercial) then my life will be complete. no, but seriously...i hate this hairstyle!!!

Asher Roth ft. Keri Hilson- She Don't Wanna Man
the vid starts 8 secs into play time.

so my little blogger babies...enjoy!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DISASTERS IN DATING: faith vs fornication

i used to think that the hardest part of dating was meeting someone with whom you're compatible...or perhaps someone who can keep your attention longer than 2 months. ummmm not so much. im a young, Christian woman who struggles with crossing that fine line between my faith and succumbing to fornication. what can i say? my flesh tends to be weak. let's be real here, most relationships involve sex and the temptation that intimacy produces is crucial because you WANT to be close & cuddly with the person you're involved with. so how does a Christian date?? again, let's be real...i have yet to come across a plethora of young men on the same spiritual wave length as me. the Christian walk is undoubtedly hard and i don't expect HOLY PERFECTION from any man...but how can i be open to dating when it's so common to be unequally yoked with the majority of guys im attracted to?

ladies & wonderful blogger babies... i would love to hear your feedback on this topic. leave comments or hit me at

the longest nite ever: 6.2.07.
the longest night ever...
barely slept because every one of my senses had been taken over by you.
chemistry so intense i could literally feel it...
surrounding me, engulfing me.
the dying flame of the candle set the mood for this,
the longest night ever.
the rapid beat of my heart mingled with ur steady pace
creating the hypnotic melody for 2 bodies to flow to.
the taste of you lingers happily on my lips
& your effect is felt from my tingling scalp to my numb fingertips.
this is the longest night ever.
flesh vs. faith and its hard 2 tell which is winning.
i want you now. i want you deep...i want you in me.
so close that i dont end where you begin,
but rather WE start where lust, passion, and plain old wanting come in.
this is the longest night ever
and i need you to touch, kiss, rub, hold...SOMETHING!
so that this long ass night can end peacefully...


In Loving Memory....

i woke up this morning to a memorial of Aaliyah playing on Vh1 Soul... 8 years later she is still amazing. still relevant. she never had to try TOO hard, she was simply IT. the voice, the look, the moves, the personality...she was the perfect celebrity. Aaliyah will always be mourned for being a STAR gone too soon. we will always wonder what her career could have become....

R.I.P. Aaliyah Dana Haughton

listen 2 some of my favorite songs by Babygirl....

- It's Whatever
- I Don't Wanna
- I Care 4 You
- At Your Best


PLAYLIST: 808s & heartbreak....

i already loved the original version of the song by Kanye...but The Fray's cover of "HEARTLESS" made me fall in love (no pun intended) w it all over again. not to mention, i LOVE The Fray for their hits like How 2 Save a Life, Never Say Never, You Found Me, etc etc.

download it/listen 2 it HERE


Saturday, August 22, 2009

DISASTERS IN DATING: guard up? check!

like many young women all around the world, i am single and trying to date. well in my case, i sometimes think im trying hard NOT to date. self-sabotage much? yea, i am the queen of pushing guys away & making up excuse after excuse as to why i won't ever return his, his, or his call. im a hopeless cynic. i see the end of a situation before it even begins. i give a guy an inch hoping he will find a way to hang himself. needless to say, my guard is WAY up.

all hope isn't lost though. slowly, but surely, im learning that perhaps it isn't so bad to let someone in every now and again. after taking a brutally honest look at my track record, i can now address my fears and move forward. by all means, this does NOT mean im on the relationship bandwagon...but it does mean i won't oppose the thought of one as vehemently as i used to. im 24 now and a healthy, committed, & loving relationship is bound to happen eventually. soooo i figure i may as well start working on being the best woman i can be so that when God blesses me with the MAN meant for me, i won't push him away simply b/c im too afraid to let my guard down.

ladies, what are your fears & hang ups about relationships???


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey Mr. President: Obama pays homage 2 MJ

this made me smile.
although Obama may be losing popularity with some...
he still rocks my socks... my white socks.


PLAYLIST...soundtrack of my summer

im sure im not the only sad sap who listens to sad songs when im sad just to enjoy the full experience of my sadness....we all do that right? well anywho, i decided to make a soundtrack for my summer cuz sometimes writing isn't enough.

im going through this whole "growing up" thing and this song is reaffirming my desire to be strong & confident in who i am.
Sara Haze- Lovely *HEAR IT*

now although his whole mixtape is AMAZING, "it would be you" (for summer soundtrack purposes) is my pick. this little melody is my pick for that summer song that makes me want to fall in love.
Trey Songz- It Would Be You *ENJOY IT HERE*

every chick has some hood in her & EVERY time this song comes on i start to feeling "so gully, so gutter, so hood". lol don't judge me though...
Dorrough- Ice Cream Paint Job *HEAR IT*

and i can't lie..for the raunchy ho in every girl, this songs gets it SO poppin in the club. i find myself backin' it up on the nearest cutie time after time. so again i say...DON'T JUDGE ME! lol
Trina- Look Back @ It *LISTEN*

because this video is MUCH anticipated & these 3 artists embody utter fabness, it goes on my soundtrack as my anthem to do better. who DOESN'T wanna run their town??
Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West- Run This Town *HEAR IT*

if i happened to be "in the mood" this song surely put me in sweet & sensual.
Keri Hilson- Make Love *INDULGE*

i absolutely can not go the whole summer without the hottest dude out...DRAKE. the beat is CRAZY on THE WINNER omg...makes me wanna go party, bullshit, & WIN! *LISTEN*

an ode to the ex...he used to play this for me while sitting in his car in front of my mom's house.
Erykah Badu & Stephen Marley- In Love W You *LISTEN*

and for all the basic beeeyotches & lames, this is especially for you.
T.I.- You Don't Know Me *FOR YOU*

slow it down a bit..this is gonna be one of the songs i love & never get tired of (right along w Ciara's Promise, Justin Timberlake's Until the End of Time, & Beyonce's Dangerously in Love)
Maxwell- Pretty Wings *CHECK IT OUT*

can't do love songs & such without adding the reason for my unrequited love epiphany. a lot of people don't know Megan Rochell but i have been a fan since 06. her songs have gotten me through some moments.
Megan Rochell- Let GO *LET GO HERE*

once summer ends, it's back to the same ole same ole humdrum of fall. don't get me wrong, i love when it cools down a bit & the college scene is poppin a tad...but there's nothing like summer. this has been another for the books and hopefully i come out of it much wiser and independent. growing up is a process...a difficult & humbling journey. so to close out my soundtrack, im turning this song up & singing it at the top of my lungs...
Mary J Blige- Stronger *LISTEN*

hope u enjoy a taste of what i have been vibing out to. enjoy the rest of your summer.

be blessed.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LOCAL LOYALTY: Audio Push is in the building....

straight from the Inland Empire, their fan base on the west coast is out of this world! i first seen them perform at Drake's first Cali concert put on by Hard2Please Ent, and i heard nothing but amazing feedback about Audio Push (formerly known as The Push). needless to say, their fire is ablaze and they are burning up tracks left and right.

i don't even know what to say about this response to Jay Z's i will post it up and let all you blogger babies have at it. i mean honestly, it's hot. and they have what it takes to "make it". Kudos to Oktane, Pricetag, & their dancers (duh, gotta show love especially to my lil bro Dala).

enjoy this shit...cuz i did.

or download B.O.A. (birth of audio):

you can also follow them on twitter:
their dancers:

you can catch Audio Push performing at the Day 26 concert on September 26th at the ASU Fox Theatre in San Bernardino, Ca. the concert is put on by HARD2PLEASE Ent.


REAL TALK: American Apparel... superficiality looks good on us!

i was chatting w a dear friend today about career options and different paths available that capture my interest, when we briefly touched on the priorities of the American people and how "socially deep" we are. i say "socially deep" because i feel the majority of our "world awareness" is quite superficial and our knowledge of certain issues are simply "skin deep". American people graze the surface of deep...we are "socially deep". enlightened on the popular topics: Obama is president, there is genocide somewhere over there, Kanye said something about blood diamonds & wasn't there a movie about it?, kids are dying everywhere, & poor people are still poor. the extent of our knowledge is astounding right? or am i not giving the American people enough credit?

my friend is young, beautiful, intelligent, & talented...yet she is auditioning for jobs that would have her covering red carpet events while she yearns to report on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. yes, blogger babies, that epidemic is still going on. ya see, it is an EPIDEMIC not a doesn't go away at the start of the new season. but let's face it, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens are a bit more interesting than genocide in Darfur. Chris Brown allegedly beating the shit out of Rihanna is much more of pressing concern than AIDS, b/c their domestic violence trumps the everday violence of the regular people huh?

my question? are Americans REALLY that shallow? where are our Rosa Parks, Malcolm Xs, Martin Luther Kings, Einsteins, Ghandis?? where are our great people? what awesome movements have we witnessed (besides the presidential election)??? just wondering.
thoughts?? please comment or hit me on twitter.


REAL TALK: pretty for a dark skinned girl...

Tameka Foster-Raymond wrote an article about being "pretty for a dark skinned girl" READ HERE and of course it struck a nerve with me b/c i have def heard this compliment a million +1 times in my life. and honestly, i'd rather not receive a compliment at all than receive this backhanded one. we can debate back and forth forever on this subject of light vs dark within the black culture but clearly we aren't gonna get anywhere until we accept OURSELVES. yes, this compliment is annoying...but NO, it doesn't define me or make me angry. i have always always always hung out with light skinned chicks and to this day my closest friends are ALL light skinned.

after 24 years, i can truly say that color isn't an issue to me. i've never had any jealousy issues on my end because my confidence doesn't allow me the room to dwell on something i can't change. and who am i to hold it against a guy if he isn't as attracted to me as he is to one of my lighter counterparts? that's his preference...his loss. just as i don't prefer high yellow men, there are sure to be plenty of men who don't prefer me. big deal! this whole debate over light & dark chicks is so remedial to me. in the end, love yourself...accept yourself (flaws & all) & rock that ish! cuz u best believe that i am fully aware that i am the baddest brown skinned honey walking...even if the next bish doesn't agree. what others feel doesn't make my world go 'round. so to all my ebony, mahogany, cocoa, cinnamon, caramel, peanut butter, & latte colored women out there...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! hating ( or in the words of Lil Duval.. being a BASIC BISH) comes in all colors, so don't be another woman who wears that color well. if you don't have the confidence to compliment or uplift another woman...DO YOU & don't worry about the next chick. STOP BEING BASIC!!! be extraordinary...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PLAYLIST.. umm R.Keri baby??

how do yall feel about this new R.Kelly & Keri Hilson joint??? hmm my thoughts?? it's cool and all. love that he cut his hair off. a man 21+ is just not allowed to be rocking cornrows. on the other SO over Keri's quick weave. gawd dawg!!! i mean i rolls w her, but she's had this hairstyle for far too long (especially in the entertainment world where chicks change their hair every week).

my fave line? "if ya dick was a gun, u a stone cold killa..." hahaha Keri Keri..ur so silly.

p.s. that fuscia lipstick is beyond bamb! think imma cop that shade!


HAIR WARS: dear mr. barber...

Dear Local Barber:

i will make this short and sweet...please refuse service to any girl between the ages of 13 and 22 that feel the need to come to your place of business and ask for "the Cassie". furthermore, if any A-D list celebs visit you please don't hesitate to refuse service to them either. there are only so many renditions of a shaved dome that can be thought of and i think we are reaching the maximum. the other day @the90s tweeted me and said they would like the hairstyle back...of course this was a retweet originating from Salt n Pepa, which was then turned into a #trendingtopic by none other than Kelis. i believe @estelledarlings American Boy'ed it then passed it along to rihanna who inspired cassie & LaLa to twitpic it. as you can see, Mr. Barber, the whole shaved head shenanigan is catching like wildfire and i would like to expand my Army of ORIGINALITY by inducting you as a general. so what do you say Mr. Barber? all for one, one for the locks??

the hair on the floor...

p.s. Ciara DM'ed me asking if she should be next....


"HOW YOU DOIN???": anticipating him...

to say im addicted would be an understatement.
he is in tune with women, all of us are anticipatin'...
a release.
mixtapes & studio sessions.
sexier than "confessions".
we are READY.
no idolizing here, but GOD he's amazing.

hey YOU doin??? ;-)

ladies, follow him on twitter...u won't be disappointed.


Twinkle Twinkle Rising Star...

there are some new leading men in hollywood and i think i may be just a little in love with them. yes, ALL OF THEM. Bradley Cooper (the hangover), Idris Elba (obsessed), & Gerard Butler (the ugly truth). now, these men are far from new to the scene but it is now that they are snagging roles that are putting them at the top of this hollywood game. if you remember, Gerard Butler was super fine & super ripped as King Leonidas in 300...amazing right?? Bradley Cooper was the cute friend in Failure to Launch and the overly perfect boyfriend in Wedding Crashers>>... clearly, i love the "white meat" lol. now u all have GOT to remember Idris' sexy ass in the hit show The Wire...OMG. that is a gawjuss man!! anywho, of all the sidekicks turned big shots these three actors are def my picks for the new leading men of hollywood. yes, we will always love Brad Pitt, George Clooney, & Denzel Washington...but a little new blood never hurt anyone. i look forward to seeing them light up the big screen in their new projects coming out and recently released. so blogger babies, matinee anyone??


PLAYLIST.... blue eyed soul

sorry black ladies...there is another reason to hate white women. haha. blue eyed soul, according to wikipedia, has been around since the mid-60's especially over in the UK... although the majority of us are barely getting hip to this movement with the emergence of artists like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, and one of my personal favorites, Sara Haze. while their male counterparts are also making their mark (i.e. robin thicke, john mayer) on a large scale...the ladies are far from half stepping. Adele, who's album 19 is def one of my favorites, won two grammys this year. Duffy also won a grammy in 2008 and crazy ass Amy Winehouse is a grammy winner FIVE TIMES over. with a track record like this, blue eyed soul is bound to be around for a long time to come. newcomer, Sara Haze is already following in the footsteps of these other soulful crooners...her song, Lovely, was featured on episode of the Style networks hit show Ruby. AND her other song My Own Hands to Hold was featured on an episode of The HIlls earlier this year. BAM! bish is bad! sooo if you're tired of the same ole R&B shenanigans (nude pics, shaved heads, autotune disasters, & 1 hit wonders) download some blue eyed soul into your life. trust me, you won't be disappointed.

my song of the moment, Colored on Me by Sara Haze. please listen 2 the lyrics!:


Monday, August 17, 2009

REAL TALK: media, say whaaat???

i feel some type of way about this KGB commercial. i posted it on facebook a few weeks ago & now i thought i'd share it with all of you blogger babies. i would also love to hear your feedback so feel free to comment.

QUESTIONS: men, how do you feel about women who wear weave??? women, how do you feel about this commercial's depiction of black women?

comment here or hit me on twitter with a response.


FAB FILES: Britney Spears, the never ending star

obviously this is an old picture but im using it for a reason. this chick has had one amazing career and i honestly think her longevity is unmatched by the majority of solo chicks out right now. real ish, only Beyonce' is topping her right now. with out of this world album sales and unparalleled popularity, Britney can do no wrong. mental breakdown, less than sub-par MTV performance (u kno, the one with her gut hanging out), & a lame ass ex... she is STILL shutting down stadiums. the whole "who shaved first?" hair war is so very debated but it's obvious Cassie didn't start it. although Brit's look came at the expense of her sanity, she still rocked it well. just think, this broad is a mother of 2, had a mental breakdown (& didn't lose the majorly teen friendly CANDIES shoes endorsement), goes out in public with no panties, walks in nasty public bathrooms barefoot, & she married K.Fed...BUT she has CIARA opening up for her on her Circus tour. LMAO @ Ciara. let's recognize that Ms. Spears is a never ending star with a legion of fans that never let her down. IT'S BRITNEY BITCH.

plus, im feeling her new song Radar.


WATCH WHAT HAPPENS....Nick Cannon's the MAN.

while Mariah Scarey is DAILY having me pray for her early retirement with her over and beyond antics (i.e. the crap that is "obsessed"), her hubby is def receiving kudos from me for his business moves. never one to see platinum albums sales or box office success, Nick Cannon is def more savvy when it comes to the small screen. let's face it, television is his forte'. you KNOW you used to watch Wild'n Out faithfully so don't front. so yea, Nick Cannon is the new CHAIRMAN of TheN channel which will be renamed TeenNick come september 28th. i LOVE TheN channel b/c of how real it is. Plus, it boasts shows like DEGRASSI!!! that show btw, is pumping out stars left & right (drake, shenae grimes, etc.) but anywho, im pretty sure im so LATE with this..oh well! i mean sorry for not being up on my Nick Cannon news..he's such a commodity right? *side eye* nevertheless, kudos to him for almost (but not really) redeeming himself for marrying Mariah Carey (barf).


PLAYLIST: men hurt too...

i've never really been inclined to listen to Gnarls Barkley. yea yea, shame on me...i know! but the other day while channel surfing i stumbled upon this vid. love at first sight. seriously, the poor heart really got to me and i remembered that men hurt too. i know sometimes women tend to forget that men actually have emotions. granted, it's hard 2 remember such a fact when these men are so often breaking our hearts, bruising our egos, & leaving us deflated. i mean yea, we forget to consider that this man may be this way because once upon a time he was heart broken with a bruised ego & deflated spirit 2 match.

im sure we have all came across that guy, whether it was a platonic or romantic relationship, that just wasn't quite right after that one girl stole his heart and never gave it back...fully. sure, he may fall in love again but it won't ever compare to that one who got away. his fault or hers...doesn't matter much. his heart will never beat as rhythmically as it once did. time may pass & the his heart will take on a new & perhaps more interesting beat but that previous "buh bum" of his cardiac melody will forever be nostalgically missed. anywho, here's the amazing video, check check check it out...


FAB FILES: "she may 'B' 4rm the hood, but 2 me she's a model..."

in the world of beauty, hip hop, & entertainment the next HOT BISH is always on the rise. so why not display one of the hottest beeeeyotches i know? yea, she is that Bword. buxom, bodacious, beautiful, brainy, bold...all those good B words describe one of my dearest friends. Brandi Bell...the baddest B. to date, she just MURDERED a shoot for the online magazine, C'est La Vie. BB looked muy caliente in the Ashley Paige bathing suits featured in the mag. clearly, i am so beyond excited for & proud of her. you seen it here first...Brandi Bell is def gonna be the next HOT BISH! get familiar.

check out the whole magazine:

to catch more of mizzzz bell visit her blog:

or follow her on twitter:


Saturday, August 15, 2009

LOCAL LOYALTY...on the music scene

unless you have been living under a rock this year, you will know that twitter is so beyond explosive right now. the social network is great for keeping up with friends, associates, & even enemies. even better? it's a great networking tool. twitter has been my playing field for the past couple of months and it has brought me nothing but good & great things. more specifically, i was twitterduced (introduced via twitter) to the amazingly creative up & coming production team SURF CLUB . Chase N. Cashe, Hit-Boy, Chili Chil, Young Ry, B.Carr, & Stacy Barthe make up this interesting mix of artists/producers/engineers who will soon have a monopoly on the music industry.

Approved by Polow Da Don, Diddy (whom they affectionately call Uncle Sean), & other notable music industry A-listers, Surf Club is sure to be the next group of super producers/artists known in households across the world. I have had the pleasure of being in their studio to listen to some of their music and i must say...they are AMAZING! eclectic, fresh, inspirational, sexy, street...their music transcends every emotion. trust will want to hop on their bandwagon now! be ahead of the curve with SURF CLUB!

Hit-Boy produced the hot new Mary J. Blige song "STRONGER" which is featured in the Lebron James movie. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. here's a trailer for the movie featuring the song.

The Wood is Surf Club's first single that they are really pushing. this was produced by Hit-Boy of Surf Club & Deezy of UPS Muzik.
click to download: zSHARE - The Wood Radio Edit.mp3

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check their website @

or follow them on twitter:

Hope you guys enjoy!


FAB FILES.... u have ur ROSE colored glasses on?

i will be the first to admit that i never seen the big deal with the whole Amber Rose craze. to me, she was just Kanye's chick of the moment...u know every couple of years he changes 'em out. he has this "serial monogamy" down to a science. so what was the big deal with this new chick? okay she's a blond dike....okay she clearly loves the American Apparel frocks...okay she's a video chick. yea, i just wasn't understanding the fascination. but now...but now, Amber Rose has grown on me. it is very much like me to always root for the underdog. i LOVED Kimmie K back when everyone hated her for her sex tape. i checked her credentials and seen she may have something else 2 bring 2 the table. and look how the world loves some Kim Kardashian now...every mediocre black celeb chick is flocking to her hoping some of her shine rubs off on them.

BACK to A.Rose...she is def making the most out of her situation. i dig her mostly b/c she seems to be hella loyal to Kanye. clearly, she is appreciative of the exposure he has brought her and i def rolls with her for that. i love that she isn't trying extra hard to get need for nude pics & such..the paps love her when she's just taking a cig break. so i say... KUDOS to mizzz amber rose for taking her 15 minutes and doing the most with it. i actually hope her 15 is extended to an hour. im sure she will have no problem doing so considering she is signed with one of the TOP modeling agencies in the world...FORD MODELS.

for more Amber Rose...follow her on twitter @

enjoy her FABness


Friday, August 14, 2009

FALL back...

school is almost back in session for folks all across the country. so for the next couple of weeks i will be posting some "hot ish" for the fall looks that we are all so desperately seeking to stay on top of.

for the ladies:
bold colors are ALWAYS in and it's all about how you rock 'em. i am really feeling patterns and colorful prints. today we will focus on a daytime look that can take you from campus to lunch with your girls. here is a head to toe look.....

pair this skirt from Forever 21 with a plain tshirt or tank.

if you're on the west coast, the weather will still be nice out so a skirt is fitting for a bold back 2 school look.

don't forget your accessories. i'd pair chunky bracelets OR necklaces with this look. however, don't overdo it with chunky/big bracelets, necklaces, AND earrings. never be afraid to mix colors, textures, & sizes when it comes 2 ur accessories.

examples: necklace from Urban Outfitters.

gold & peacock bangles from Charlotte Russe.

for the feet, go with a cute gladiator (or similar styled) sandal. i found these over at

hope this helps a little!


LOCAL LOYALTY...hip hop hooray for the west coast music...

hey blogger babies! something new is popping off in a major way. "the jerk" movement is truly taking over the west coast but somewhere out there the old school west coast music is still thriving. over in the west coast world of slang such as "mark", "homie", "playurr", etc is still being made. insert Pac Div here. a rap group straight out of "sunny LA"...Mibbs, Be Young, & Like. check out their video....

Monday, August 10, 2009

BIRTHDAY: 24....

i turned 24 on friday (aug 7th) was ummmmmm, eye opening 2 say the least. i got to that R.Kelly moment. "when a woman's fed up..." i held my breath for a moment, replayed the last 3yrs of my life in my head, exhaled, & decided "he's just not that into me"

and that, my little blogger babies, is how i was officially delivered from my miserable state of unrequited love.

there is an amazing sense of FREEDOM in simply KNOWING...and even more security in ACCEPTING.