MY 2 CENTS: Kardashian-Odom

i will keep this short & simple.
Khloe can do better.
and i can pretty much guarantee
that this will be over just as
quickly as it began. mark my words.
luhvs the Khloe-ster but really now,
we all know she goes thru black men
at an expedited rate. BIBLE! haha.
plus, she's only like 24....beeeyotch
isn't signing a prenup & Lamar's lame.
u aint fooling noooobody Khloe.
*sidenote: khloe, i will let u have ur
shine w Odom. but Kim & Reggie were the
best interracial Kardashian couple ever!*
(insert Kanye shrug here) HAHA.



ChonRenee said…
LOL @ the Kanye shrug!!!! LOVES IT and soooo true!

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