LOCAL LOYALTY: clothe me in hip hop

clothe me in hip hop. dress me up in the bass of it's history.
brooklyn, breakin', & beat-boxin. i long to be fresh.
swaddle me in the frocks originating to the west.
i desire more than khakis, chuck taylors, & locs.
allow me to be decked out in 808s, hi-hats, & snares.
accessorized with 16 bars of hotness.
clothe me in hip hop.

as i have established in previous posts...i rolls w my ppl from the Inland Empire & am always happy to oblige a request. my friend @lathonn hit me up abt this clothing line..i took a look and i digs it!

colorful, fun, & fitting to the trends. i love the slogans, i love the accessories featured in the lookbook...it just works. i love how the idea behind this season is to keep it simple...go back to the basics, yet the name of the line is ACRYLICK. acrylic is known to be the substance fake nails are made of. oxymoron much? it works though. sometimes you can find the most necessary things in the most unexpected of places.

"life isn't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride..." acrylick clothing company

do yourself a favor...check out their website. ACRYLICK. this is where u can access their blog & the lookbook for the fall/holiday 2009 season.

go NOW!!!

enjoy blogger babies!

for more info...follow @lathonn
or @acrylickco


*sidenote* the picture above is one of my fave shirts..the "True Love Mix" tee by ACRYLICK. not to mention that FLYY "chinese jumprope" ear gadget. lol im working on finding out where i can cop that...ASAP. & yes, i just made up that name for it. dont judge me...become a fan! ;-)


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