PLAYLIST: he has the golden touch...

i guess Trey Songz has the golden touch cuz honestly, Amerie is RARELY hot. her 1st album was pretty coo & overall she has had a few songs that i've liked. but generally... i don't think Amerie has that IT factor. she has yet to come across the right mix of factors that give her an edge in the industry.

sooo yea, im trying to decipher if i like this song only b/c Trey is on it... or do i really like it??

i figure the masses will be drawn to it initially b/c Trey is featured, it will have a nice little vid (b/c Trey will be in it) & she will get a little bit of hot press in the end.

kudos Amerie & co for a smart move.

Amerie ft/ Trey Songz- Pretty Brown Eyes (listen HERE)

sooo blogger babies, what do you all think?? u dig it?



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