yesterday was day two of our challenge & we had to go to a different track b/c our old high school was already locked up. the track we ended up on was TERRIBLE! rocky & super walked 5 laps! go her! we talked a little bit about my sudden popularity with guys. lol not that i haven't always held the attention of the opposite sex, it's just that lately a lot of guys have been coming out of the wood works professing their interest. it's crazy! anywho, i think we're gonna try to get my Nana (mom's mom) to come work it out with us.

dinner? shrimp pasta with whole wheat pasta shells, sweet corn & sweet peas.

today is Day 3...update you all later.

so blogger babies, what do you do to stay in shape??? hit me up on twitter (@miamck) or leave a comment!



CyrahOmega said…
Track workouts are actually excellent, however, if you can run or power-walk on hilly terrain you'll get better results.

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