my 2 cents...

hair-on, coke cain, ex to see, jagged little pills... anything for a thrill. flashing lights. blonde dikes. groupie clones. living life on MAXIMUM wage. what's the big deal? he ONLY crashed a stage...

before i even watched the VMAs (p.s. i still havent) i seen that twitter was going ape sh-t over this Kanye fiasco. my opinion? SO WHAT!!!! she's a big girl. if it wasn't this, it would have been her falling on stage or being crucified for lip synching or some other teeny bopper issue that plagues the white washed world of Disney-ish pop stars. honestly, i dont even consider her a country singer. carrie underwood? yes, country all the way. Taylor Swift? best buddies with the other Disney broads, she's a pop artist at best.

im not heartless, i can def see how everyone is upset but it cause for Donald Trump to start a boycott on all things Kanye? NO WAY! the way ppl are going at Kanye's head makes them no better than he is. atleast he didn't get up there and tell her how GARBAGE she is (not that i think she's garbage...but yea, she's no Beyonce'). and like i have been saying since jump... Little Swift will be thanking Kanye soon enough.

and for all the Kanye haters... let's start with this: the "Y" goes AFTER the "N". losers. like the VMA host, Russell Brand, said "we're all ppl; these things are silly....calm down, no one died. it's alright". i knew i kinda liked his weird self for a reason.

call me biased...but im Team Kanye all the way. Little Swift will become America's poor little sweetheart, her records will sell, & she will leak some nude pictures of herself. but what will happen to Kanye? he has to apologize (no matter how sincere it may be) & still be crucified as the tantrum throwing "mama's boy" that everyone loves to describe him as. OMG....get used 2 it ppl. Kanye is the MAN and despite his shenanigans & coonish antics, he will STILL be one the most relevant ppl in the entertainment industry.

long live Kanye, his blonde dike, & that damn bottle of Henny!



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