FRESH FROCKS: mirror mirror on the dress....

i didn't really tune in to the Emmys or the red carpet pre-show, but when i did i caught a glimpse of this AMAZING dress in the background. it looked like broken pieces of glass strategically & artistically plastered on this garment. the way it caught the light was just breath-taking. SO then i proceeded to channel surf hoping that one of the tv stations would be talking about her. E! never lets me down. Kristin Chenoweth was the mystery gal & her dress... was absolutely gorgeous. grrrr i can't find the designer who made the dress BUT never fear i will have that info ASAP.

cut this out & frame it in my heart cuz i adore this look.


p.s. thanks to my OG twitter friend @opethestylist for the info on Kristin's dress. the designer is Zuhair Murad. Thanks Ope!!! oh yea, check out Ope's BLOG... im sure you will enjoy the HAUTENESS of it!


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