FAB FILES: bite sized fab...

this 13 year old bite sized fashionista is making waves in the world of fashion blogging. at 12 she started her blog entitled STYLE ROOKIE and has since caught the attention of bloggers & fashion enthusiasts nationwide. Little Miss Tavi even gained access to the EXCLUSIVE front row at some of the premiere shows during this year's New York Fashion week...amazing much? i adore this little girl already! i feel like her quirky yet PERFECT style is totally how i will allow my future daughter to dress. JUST THROW IT ON...& pow...perfection. adoreher.org! she is my UNcool...going against the grain, doing what she loves, & conforming to fit HERSELF. very fab... become a fan! introducing... Tavi Gevinson

*sidenote* the picture above is her during NYFW..got it from her blog...she says that her belt gadget is a pink mesh dress from American Apparel tied around her waist along with a thrift store belt. I'D DIE! my heart melts for this gal!!



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