REAL TALK: is this what happens in 2009?

tears were falling down my face as i watched this... stomach in knots hoping someone would stop this madness. i am so beyond disturbed right now. to think this is the world my nephew has to grow up in... i couldn't even imagine being a friend, let alone a family member, of this boy. beat in the street while tens of people looked on. the screaming in the background of this video is nothing short of chilling. i am disappointed & saddened by the state of our young people.

this touches a very sore spot in me... i have lost TOO many friends...young black violence. for the past six years i have shed too many tears over the caskets of ATLEAST 6 young men. it hurts. futures taken away, lives cut short...unnecessarily. when will this end? the anger. the retaliation. the hatred. the evil. the fighting. the killing. the genocide of our people by our own people.

how can you murder someone you used to play dodge ball with? used to run in the street barefoot with? shoot hoops with? i cant...i just cant. this is tragic.

to read Nas' heartfelt letter to the young men in this video, visit

for more info on this story: DERRION ALBERT

r.i.p. young brother...



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