BONDING THRU EXERCISE: official day four

Labor Day weekend brought more than fun times with the extended family, it also brought a hiatus to our workout routine. we def dropped the ball and got sidetracked with all sorts of household business that needed to be taken care of. this week my mom started working out with her longtime friend Sheila over at Blaire Park here in San Bernardino. She went twice earlier this week and this morning i joined them at 6am for this daunting trail. the park has 2 hills, one is HUGE and the other...not so much. Sheila, Stella, my mom, & i tackled the small trail today which starts with a nice incline to get your heart going and your booty burning then winds, dips, and curves for about a 1/4 mile around. the hilly terrain is a doozy! we power walked the trail 6 times, which equates to about a 3 miles....honeeeeeey!!!! it was no joke. i seriously feel the burn in dang near my whole body, from my calves all up through my abs.

the Blaire Park experience was great because there are a lot of other joggers & walkers that come out in the morning, everyone is friendly & greets each other in passing. it has a community feel to it. 2moro we hit the big hill and im a little nervous but the excitement of toning these thighs definitely outweigh any hesitance.

so yea, we're officially back on board. stay tuned!



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