PLAYLIST: every1 can change...

i must say even tho im ANTI-SWIZZ BEATZ...this beat is SICK! and weezy...WTF? that man knows he can MAKE a song. his every word is my favorite part. if this is any indication of what Chris Brown's new music is sounding BEYOND ready for him to make his comeback. i have been Team WhoCares in this whole Rihanna/Chris Brown dramatic saga b/c it's their lives, let 'em live it. both parties care not speak about it so why must the media try to delve so deep into it? ugh!

anywho, back to the new single...TRANSFORM hot hot!! message to Chris: there are LOTS of people who support you & wish you the best. take your time & come back FLAWLESS!

message to Weezy: why must you be so quotable? lol

i love his contribution 2 this song.

Chris Brown & Weezy- TRANSFORM YA

enjoy that blogger babies!



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