so yesterday signified DAY ONE of 90 days of exercise for my mommy & me. i have challenged her to these 90 days because we are both under a lot of stress and there is no better way to combat stress than with exercise. my "Bonding Thru Exercise" entries will diary our experiences.

if you know me, you know that my relationship with my MOMster is an interesting one, as most mother-daughter ones are. i became a tad rebellious in my teenage years and our relationship suffered. we get on each other's nerves, A LOT...but of course the love outweighs it all. i know my momma like the back of my hand and i don't think she even realizes how well i know her.

my hope for these 90 days is to allow my mom to get to know me on a different level. im not her "BABY" 24 years old and i KNOW she doesn't know her 24 YEAR OLD YOUNG WOMAN-CHILD lol. hopefully, we can gain a better understanding of each other & get in shape/healthy at the same time!

DAY ONE- 9/1/09
we spent basically all day together running errands & such, before she suggested we go walking. we got changed and headed over to OUR old high school (almost my whole family graduated from the same high school) & try out their new track. LOVED IT! the Indians funded the new football stadium & it's pretty amazing. i dig it b/c the track isn't's soft, spongy, turf. easy on the legs! we did a mile (4 laps) and ended with some stretching. im actually really proud of my mom for even going cuz she is the queen of excuses.

dinner? SUBWAY!!

today is DAY TWO and i will update 2moro on how it goes.

we are accountable for each other.



Clear X said…
LOVE IT! Though we are many miles away I will work out with you guys through cyberspace lol I did an hr of taebo yesterday :) Hi 5 for all of us

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