REAL TALK: can he live???

aside from the lip synching on "wall to wall", this performance was amazing. the MJ tribute, the dramatic collapse at the end, the entertaining dancing, & the praise from other industry A-listers. you see ashanti, nelly, & beyonce' all googly eyed & happy while he is performing? when are we gonna allow Chris to remove his scarlet letters?? DV is no laughing matter, but people make mistakes. let the man live. why are people scrutinizing his every move, laying in wait for his next DV victim? pssssh! he's 20 and has plenty of growing up to do. but, i commend him for trying to get back to the world of the living in spite of the naysayers. im looking forward to his Larry King interview tonight.

p.s. Rihanna's contribution to this performance was bittersweet. the words to "umbrella" seem to be a testament to their current situation.

"i told you i'll be here forever..."

well honey, can you wait 5 years until he gets off of probation??



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