DISASTERS IN DATING: call me baby....

in this day of twitter, facebook, texting, bbm, skype, etc etc...phone calls are extremely close to being extinct. but i wanna get back to that. i WANT those butterflies when i see your name & # on my caller id. i want you to leave me voicemails so i can save them & listen 2 them when i miss your voice. or whenever i call & u don't answer i want to hear your voicemail greeting before i leave a sweet message...telling you "i miss you babe, call me when you get this"

i want those awkward silences when first getting to know someone. i want those late night convos that i fall asleep to.."you hang up first" :-) i want you to hear the inflection in my voice when i tell you stories from my childhood. i want to hear your laugh. i need to know how you sound when you're sad, happy, or turned on. i need to know when you're being sarcastic or serious. i want to call you "just to say hi" & you'd understand that the phone call was my need to be closer to you for just that one moment in time. miles may separate us, but when you're a PHONE CALL away...the distance doesn't seem THAT bad.

so call me baby.

"Now i just want you to know, how i'm touched deep in my soul just being with you.
And i need you more each day.
Baby, if you're still awake,
Call me when you get this.
I've got all this poetry now i didn't know then.
I kept inside. guess i had never seen anything beautiful
Till i first saw you asleep at night..."

blogger babies, how do you all feel about long distance relationships? do they work?



Calls are tough on guys though. We have to think on our feet and try and be interesting to you. A text convo can go across the entire day. Then again I do remember those first few calls you have with a girl that go well into 1am territory.

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