REAL TALK: beauty is only skin deep...

society has seriously skewed our perception of beauty. by no means am i professing to be one of those types that finds beauty in everything... but i do live & let live. my concern with someone else's looks doesn't make me more attractive. so who am i to judge someone's femininity/masculinity based on their looks? YES, i will be the first to admit that i enthusiastically believe in making the best first impression possible, but in the end...who you are is who you are. i read about Caster Semenya a few weeks ago when there was an uproar over her gender. granted, at first glance she does resemble a man...but the makeover that took place next is what irked me.

does she have to wear makeup, a dress, & nail polish to be a woman? this whole controversy is seriously sending the wrong message to young girls worldwide. what happened to loving yourself just the way God made you? tomboy or not. the fact that gender testing on this 18 year old girl was even propositioned is SO beyond me. i appluad Caster for taking this all in stride with the grace, dignity, & class of a REAL WOMAN.

more on caster semenya's makeover HERE.



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