Saturday, December 31, 2011


12a. 1/1/2012.

I will begin my 21 day fast.
I recently completed a 3 day fast that definitely shifted the atmosphere for some things in life.

This fast will consist of:

no social networking.
no meat (fish only)
no alcohol, juice, soda, tea, etc. (water only)
prayer/meditation daily at sunrise
daily exercise.
prayer for other people
journaling (off line)- 21 days of appreciation, kindness, and goals.
personal Bible study time daily.
conscious removal of complaining in my daily conversation and thoughts.
limited to no conversation with men who are in dealings with my heart/emotions.

This fast is for my mind, heart, body, and spirit.
a true cleanse.

cleaning the remnants of LIFE out of me, off me, and from around me.

going into 2012 refreshed and of sound mind, whole heart, and solid spirit.

i am truly excited to begin.


Friday, December 30, 2011

DISASTERS IN DATING: what we want vs. what we deserve

for years, literally...YEARS, i thought he was exactly what i wanted.
gorgeous, charismatic, caring, sexy, kind, etc etc etc.
loved him to the detriment of self.
insecurity. lack of trust. miscommunication...all the things that eat away at what should be a solid relationship.

but this is what i wanted.
struggle together, succeed together.
do any and everything for each other.

naked girls in his phone.
flirting that crosses the line.
but this is what i wanted. right?

would give him a million chances to get it right.
forgive. forgive. forgive. forgive.
because THIS, what i wanted.

i don't know how to want this anymore.
i don't know how to ignore the mistreatment anymore.
i AM too good to turn the other cheek.

being taken for granted is a sucky sucky feeling.
competing with women who aren't even worth it....not a good feeling.
having the nagging feeling that "he'll cheat again" always weighing on you.
my peace of mind packed a bag and left long ago.

i deserve better.

i found better.

but better isn't convinced that i'm done with what i thought i wanted.

so better waits.

and my want lingers.

better calls out to me...adores me....cares for me...wants just me.

while want haunts me.

and i've never loved anyone how i love him, but i need better.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

PLAYLIST: video of the year

"it's like screaming, but no one can hear. you almost feel ashamed, that someone could be that important...that without them you feel like nothing. no one will ever understand how much it hurts. you feel nothing can save you. then when it's over and it's gone, u almost wish you could have all that bad stuff that you could have the good"

that opening monologue.....the video....the song....all reminders that EVERYONE loves and EVERYONE hurts.

it's real. it's potent. it's everything.



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

STYLE STAR: perfect 10

this chick rarely, if ever, takes a bad picture...nudies included.

effortless style.

her looks are innately her. she never looks like she is trying too hard to be ahead of a curve or "on trend". she just is.

kudos miss cass.

you are def a style star in my book.


MODEL BEHAVIOR: living up to her name...



Chanel Iman...rising icon. Kanye muse. haute!

loving her!


My 2 Cents: More Substance

i am a HUGE fan of Destiny's Child, thus making me even more of a fan of the individuals. i adore Kelly, Michelle, and Beyonce' really. I am so very excited for Kelly's breakout year. She has had great success with her music stateside, that doesn't yet match her overseas fanbase, but it is growing.

now, all of this to say that i am disappointed with Kelly's lack of substance and creativity with her videos. having sweaty, well built men fawning over you in an oversexualized way in your videos is....old.

push the envelope...don't play it safe by being mediocre and stereotypical. sexy song doesn't mean you HAVE to have an OVERTLY sexy video. implied sexy is MUCH more sexy than the in your face lust she displays in her vids. *sigh* i just want her to go even better. don't do the obvious.

anywho, that is just my 2 cents. peep the vid for Lay It On Me below.

shout out to my homie @hitboy_sc for the production on this joint!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

PLAYLIST: just ask me....and i will. STAY

you're the only one i want to put up with.
put us back together's all up to you.

ask me and i will....stay.

i love you.


Monday, September 19, 2011

PLAYLIST: i am here....again

Here I am again asking questions,
Waiting to be moved.
I am so unsure of my perception,
What I thought I knew I don't seem to
Where is the turn so I can get back to what I believe in?
Back to the old me and

God, please hear my call.
I am afraid for me.
Love has burned me raw
I need your healing
Please, please, please.

I am such a fool
How did I get here?
Played by all the rules
Then they changed
I am but a child to your vision
Standing in the cold and the rain
Lost here in the dark
I can't see my foot to take a step,
What is happening?
Oh, this hurts so bad. I can hardly breathe.
I just want to leave so...

God, please hear my call.
I am afraid for me.
Love has burned me raw
I need your healing
God, please hear my call.
I am afraid for me.
Love has burned me raw
I need your healing
Please, please, oh, please, please.

God please hear my call.
I am afraid.
Love has turned me cold,
I need your healing.
Please, please, please, please, please, please.

--how did i get here....again?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

PLAYLIST: thank you.... for making me a woman

this was the love that truly "grew me up". when I say I gave 100 % of me in this relationship, I mean JUST that. I am satisfied knowing I was committed to my commitment to him. *smile* i am so very thankful for this experience. right now, i can honestly say that i am comfortable closing this chapter of my life. Will I feel like this tomorrow? Maybe, maybe not. does it hurt? OF COURSE! but i am HAPPY. i am so faith-filled and dripping in God's ooey gooey goodness, that i can't help but to continue on with a smile on my face. i pray for ALLLLL of the greatness in the world to be bestowed upon him. that would just be the strawberry on top of my love sundae....if he is truly happy, then i am BEYOND happy.

"at this moment, all that i am good for is love" -nnamdi okafor

truer words i have never heard. i don't have it in me to be angry, bitter, depressed, sad, etc. i am indebted to love....that's all i can give and receive.

so thank you Cyrah Austin Hawkins, loving you made me a woman.


Sometimes I wonder… Do you
Even recognize the woman
That’s standing in front of you

Sometimes I wonder… Do you
Even care or realize why I took care of you
‘Cuz you’re my heart
You are my soul
You’re my other half
Without you I can not be whole baby
So far apart
I just don’t know
What drove us apart in the first place
Now I know why

These tears I cry … sure won’t be the last
They will not be the last .. no
This pain inside… never seems to pass
It never seems to pass… me by

So I thank you
Said I thank you
Yes I thank you
For making me a woman

Sometimes I wonder… could she be
More of a woman to you thank you were a man to me
Sometime I wonder .. why me
I’m here miserable while you’re out living your fantasies
And didn’t care

‘Cuz you’re my heart
You are my soul
You’re my other half
Without you I can not be whole baby
So far apart
I just don’t know
What drove us apart in the first place
Now I know baby why

These tears I cry … sure won’t be the last
They will not be the last .. no
This pain inside… never seems to pass
It never seems to pass… me by

So I thank you
Said I thank you
Yes I thank you
For making me a woman

One thing I learned in life
We all gotta go through to survive
I hope she’s happy
‘Cuz you’re the chapter that I’ll be closing
Hope you’re happy
‘Cuz once my door closes it won’t be open

These tears I cry … sure won’t be the last
They will not be the last .. no
This pain inside… never seems to pass
It never seems to pass… me by

So I thank you
Said I thank you
Yes I thank you
For making me a woman

*estelle, hunteeeee you DID this joint!!! so reminiscent of old school Mary J. Blige...but smoother, more velvety. love love love love you so much for singing my life to me*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DEAR SUMMER: now that you're gone....

now that you're gone, i'm not too sure that i even needed you to come this year.
your season, although not worthless, i'm having a hard time figuring out your purpose right now.

nevertheless, i am welcoming fall with wide open arms.
a season of change and i am BEYOND ready for one or two of those.

dear summer, now that you're gone. don't bother coming back.

hello there fall.


BAD BISHES: hottest in the UNIVERSE!!

congrats Leila Lopes of Angola, Africa....Miss Universe 2011.

“I’m very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

yes for promoting SELF LOVE!!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

PLAYLIST: simply put...can we?

this song says it all.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LOCAL LOYALTY: Hittin' Fr3sh

are words really necessary? SO SO SO SO SO very proud of Jelani and Chauncey truly representing our home region, the IE, extremely well. humble, genuine, kind, TALENTED, God fearing... both awesome examples of what consistent hard work will get you.

thank you Puka and C for inspiring me by simply walking in your divine purpose! you both really do deserve all success that comes your way. Puka, i absolutely adore you...always have and always will. Thank you for always being YOU. C, you're know work hard to be dope. CONGRATULATIONS. "hey mama i made it!!" you are DEF making it. :-)

Check out a behind the scenes look at Hit-Boy mixing his production of "Lay it On Me" -Kelly Rowland ft Big Sean. video produced by Jelani Fr3sh.

continue to support Surf Club....they are major! shout out to Young Ry, Kent Money, the incomparable Stacy Barthe, Chili Chill, B Carr, Chase n Cashe!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The {B}est to Ever Do It: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEY!!

Dear Bey:

welcome to a new chapter in your life!! 30, married, and baby on board. how amazing!! thank you for continuing to be a SUPER woman because you inspire so many of us to strive to be our best selves. we're not all going to be mega superstars, known worldwide. BUT, in our little corner of the world, you have shown us that we can be superstars. thank you for walking purely in your God given purpose, not for yourself but for the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people who were supposed to be touched by you.

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday. may God continue to bless and keep you wrapped tight in his everlasting mercy. have an amaaazing pregnancy and please find it in your amazing heart to share a LITTLE piece of your bundle of joy with us. lol.

thank you Beyonce.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BIRTHDAY: sitting pretty at 26

i turned 26 on august 7th.
did i really just write that? me... 26? wow! where did time go?

i still remember playing barbies with my cousins and getting in trouble for reenacting the "punany" scene from Poetic Justice. #DontAsk lol

i remember the free lunch line...and wearing mismatched socks in elementary school. my principal had a wooden leg because of polio.

chipped tooth in second grade and the "devil tree" at Ramona Alessandro elementary school. i still remember dance class throughout junior high and i LIVED for my eighth grade year as a cheerleader!

really, where did time go?

i know high school couldn't have been THAT long ago. sleepovers, house parties, sneaking out, first kisses, first touches, first this and first that. i still remember.

i was 16 the first time i clearly remember my grandpa telling me that he loved me...and this year i said goodbye to him. #RIP

and of course, i remember love. #word2Nina

i am SO grateful to be able to say that i haven't had a TERRIBLE life. nothing that has hindered me from growing, living, loving, learning, and EXPERIENCING. i am SO grateful for my relationship with has allowed me to have peace of mind in many situations. thank you Father for keeping me!

now, 27...that is an age i am EXCITED for. i feel it in my bones, some amazing things have been planted/are being planted and 27 will be the season for reaping!

take a moment and acknowledge how blessed you are. there is nothing like being grateful to God for all of His mercy He has bestowed upon you!

love ya blogger babies!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

DISASTERS IN DATING: where's the reset button?

what do you do when the good times are fading like your favorite jeans after a few too many spins in the wash?

they're fading into comfort or the dreaded "worn" area. how do you get back to GOOD?
where is the reset button for relationships?

i am no relatiopnship expert, but i think i am learning how to get through these things. lol. i have found that when the novelty of your relationship begins to fade, you have to face it head on. holding your tongue will only lead to an ugly break up.

take a moment. gather your thoughts. validate your emotions (because some things that we feel, we have no need for). now breathe. how do you feel? you want this relationship to work? make a plan then. a relationship isn't so different from most other things in life, including life itself. there are goals that you want to reach, you have written down your plans and visions right? why not do the same for your relationship? where do you see your Rship in 6 months? a year? 5 years? what are some issues that need to be addressed in order for you all to move forward with clear minds and hearts? SPEAK UP! if you can not communicate EFFECTIVELY with your significant other, be prepared for your relationship to go belly up!

relationships aren't meant to be perfect. shit...i mean LIFE happens. there will be situation after situation after situation. but it is how you all deal with these situations that determine how sane you will be. no, really. stressing over situations can very well make you crazy.

talk it out. no matter how heated the discussion may be. stand your ground, get your point across, and settle the matter as amicably as possible. do your best to understand where your sig other is coming from....put yourself in their shoes and go from there. know that both of you are entitled to FEEL however you feel...even if it seems ridiculous. remember that as you begin your communication, don't expect to always be right. women and men are SOOOOO different...our views, emotions, thought processes. there will ALWAYS be a middle ground, sometimes it just takes a little hard work to find it.

if you BOTH want this relationship to for it, nurture it. be mindful that what YOU want may not be what HE/SHE wants. be mature enough to let go when necessary.

before you throw in the towel, take a moment and find your relationship reset button. it may turn out to be SO worth it.

#nowPlaying "Start Over"- Beyonce

Thursday, June 2, 2011

PLAYLIST: simple mathematics....

in my humble opinion, this new ballad is right on track to become my favorite song. *gasp* yes yes it's true. this coveted spot has long been occupied by Dangerously In Love, so the song that was able to knock that classic out of it's spot couldn't have been by anyone but Bey.

i first heard the song via a video uploaded by Jay Z of Bey rehearsing the song backstage at American Idol. the pure emotion with which she sang was infectious. she brought tears to my eyes almost immediately. if i wasn't already in love, hearing this song would have inspired me to seek, learn, and understand this deep "love" thing she sang about so beautifully.

a few people on twitter adamantly disagreed with my claim to put "1+1" on the level of DIL (dangerously in love). but for me, 1+1 is the grown up version of DIL. 1+1 happens when you've been heartbroken a time or two. 1+1 is the result of age, a bit of wisdom, a couple of tears, and a whole lot of sleepless nights. 1+1 came about after the relationship failed, succeeded, got off track, then was resurrected because of something that goes beyond all reason and understanding. 1+1 exudes LIFE and LOVE. DIL was young love, full of fantasy and naivete. DIL was that wet behind the ears love, the love that you experienced before you actually knew YOU. one is not better than the other. just different. perfect for the different stages of life. if you have yet to experience that gut wrenching love, perhaps you won't fully understand or appreciate 1+1. and that's fine. mark my words though, once it happens to you, you will be searching the internet for this song so you can sway along to the flow. you will turn the song on and truly feel every word of it. and when she sings "and i dont know much about fighting but i, i know i would fight for you. just when i ball up my fist i realize, im laying right next to you"... when you hear that you're going to think about all of the times when you were prepared to go to war for your love.

every guttural note, every ache, and every inflection will bring a flicker of a memory of this love.

i can only pray that you all experience this.
it's beautiful.

enjoy it. every single moment. bad, good, all of it. it's worth it. i promise.


needless to say, i am EXTREMELY excited for this album! "4" comes out June 28. i love that the album's name holds so much significance to Bey. she and jay z's birthdays both fall on a 4th. they got married on a 4th and this is her 4th album. i can only imagine how personal and amaaazing this album is going to be. i am betting this will be her best.

DISASTERS IN DATING: and then i grew up...

*written and posted 5/12/2011 in my "notes" on facebook*

sitting here listening to "Love Contract" off of Musiq Soulchild's new album and it got me to thinking about love and other drugs.

it used to be a foreign (and perhaps, unwanted) idea to commit to one person, love one person...and do the whole proverbial "settling down" thing. I've never been the one fixated on being married and with child by a certain age...I just figured it would happen eventually. BUT, I knew I would never be the type to date and date and date trying to weed out Mr. Perfect. I prided myself on my exclusivity. Not just anyone would be able to access my heart and time. this brings me to the Love Contract....

it is unmistakably true that when you know, you just know. the process of love and falling in it absolutely blows my mind. you wake up one day and realize that the mere thought of living without this person pains you to your core. you become a lesser thought, while their well- being far outweighs thoughts of self. you become self-less, realizing the responsibility of someone's heart,, has been willingly placed in your hands.

Now, this epiphany does any means...prevent mistakes or ensure a happy ending. but boy, does that possibility of your own little slice of "Happily Ever After" entice you to keep traveling down this daunting road of love.

the hope of happiness.

so crazy how we grow up and grow out of our old ways. and damn if our old ways don't fight to hold on to us. temptation, arguments, drama, lies, betrayal, miscommunication... those things happen. But then, then we grow up. We grow up and realize that by saying those three toxic, potent, amazing words we indeed sign a love contract. a contract that isn't so easily broken.

Needless to say, I've signed my name in bright red blood. and before the blood dried on the Y in McKinley, I found myself needing, wanting, and desiring only one. willing to fight for what we are building....ready to go to war to keep in tact what we are building.

I found myself in love with every flaw...I've fallen in his cracks. I soak up his shortcomings & swallow every faulty word with grace. and the nights, the nights drag on while my eyelids are suffocated by salty drops of unconditional love. my name is Mia and I'm addicted to a human.

I grew up, fell in love....and I am constantly being taught how to be a better person.

Love does wonders.


Monday, April 18, 2011

LOCAL LOYALTY: Viral Sensation....

a couple of weeks ago my good friend Yonathan Elias posted this youtube video and the internet went crazy!

the funny thing is, this is truly Yonathan just being Yonathan.

people have gone on to autotune this video and it is now on itunes! He is donating part of the proceeds to Children's National Medical Center in DC. how awesome is my Yonny Bon?!? Please support him!

check the video out!

enjoy blogger babies!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

LIFE AND SUCH: peace be with you

i am sitting here with tears in my eyes. a friend from high school was killed today and i hurt.

i hurt because this occurs MUCH too often in my hometown. it is utterly heartbreaking. my fallen hometown heroes, blood stained streets of my childhood.

life is but a dream.

a memory for most, the way it passes so quickly. these moments in time when the grief in the air is so thick, it's dang near palpable....these moments cause me to revert inwards. my thoughts won't leave me alone.

who's next? will my life be short? when will the mourning cease?

this world is so sick and evil. love is the only thing worth much of anything these days. what's the point of power, money, fame? you can't take it with you. but love? love transcends the here and is immortal. eternal. forever.

i'm going to spend some time with Mia for a few days. pray, meditate, refocus. the tears that are sure to flow will be my spiritual cleanse.

Lord, i need you now. i need you more than i've ever needed you before. to show up and restore

i pray for comfort and peace for you all. the peace that goes beyond all understanding. Lord, heal our hearts, quiet our minds, comfort our souls.



Monday, April 4, 2011

DISASTERS IN DATING: Shackled and Shacking

it's been a full three months since we've been back together.
everything is AWESOME. and when i say awesome, i mean AMAZING.

in all seriousness, i couldn't ask for more. currently, i am shacking with him while saving up to make my official move to LA. it is an interesting experience. granted, we have had a few moments. but they were different this time around. if these same "moments" happened a year ago, we would have been drowning in miscommunication and unhappiness. growth has occurred. we are learning everyday how to talk TO each other and LISTEN. we are understanding ourselves, each other, and our relationship.

i am SO proud of him. so proud of US. i have made a conscious decision to forgive him and trust him. it's hard. i know my ladies out there know how difficult it is to move forward in a relationship where you were previously cheated on, lied to, betrayed, etc. trust issues are no joke.

but i trust him. i see it in his actions....he changed. not saying he is perfect, nor am i...nor is this relationship. i am saying that we are committed to facing every situation head on with each other. with open and honest conversations.

it has become so clear to me how much we are invested in this. i can't even begin to tell you all how good it feels to have someone who truly has your back and holds you down with love being the only expectation of payment for his services.

sometimes i get anxiety about waking up one day and this all being taken from me. but each day i wake he's there...holding me. each day brings us closer, me all up in his space. even when i get on his nerves. even when he pisses me off. we work at it daily. we forgive and kiss. we let love conquer.

we're shackled by love.
we're shacking with love. (temporarily)

so blogger babies, how do you all feel about the dreaded "shacking" option in relationships?



the first moments of morning tickle my eyelids.
twitching toes and warm breath so close it mixes with mine.
stiff limbs from an intense slumber.
heartbeats and soft snores.
traces of the previous night still present on my thighs.

and i just want to lay here.
thoroughly pleased in every sense.

morning bliss: waking up to love


DISASTERS IN DATING: remembering your essence... FOR NIKKI


most times when we think of this we relate it back to school or work, but not always relationships.

well, what about our self-evaluation process regarding relationships?

"remember your essence"

whether you're in a relationship, pursuing one, or exiting a relationship, those words can certainly afford to be thought on more often.

IN A RELATIONSHIP: your "I" and "me" has been long ago replaced by "us" and "we". your day to day plans tend to revolve around what your other half is doing. cuz I mean, that's what REALationships are about right? making an effort to align schedules so that the love doesn't suffer?

as a woman who was single and free far more than I was locked down and in a relationship, including my man in my plans and decisions was NOT priority. thus causing his ego and supposed importance to me and the relationship to suffer....

PURSUING A RELATIONSHIP: put your best face forward. the beginning stages of most relationships are like big words in an essay... all fluff. nothing solid or real, just a whole lot of well put together words and imbalanced compromises. women and men tend to get caught up in the warm, fuzzy feelings of the newness which often times causes them to lose their heads...

EXITING A RELATIONSHIP: the hurt, anger, and stress is so thick it's suffocating. the anxiety of heartache can literally make you crazy. things are done and said that can reflect part of our character that we may not have known existed....

in all you do, remember your essence.

what is it that makes you, you? know that you are a whole, beautiful, FUNCTIONING person on your own. even when you feel broken beyond repair, you are whole. know this and truly understand this. YOU define you, not a relationship status. i know so many young ladies who get wrapped up in their man and they forget themselves. they forget their value. remember your essence.

i know i have a few loyal readers out there who may have felt some type of way about the rekindling of my relationship and everyone is entitled to their opinions. i know that my essence has been unequivocally tied to his essence. he's my "end". the one. the difference between myself and a lot of women is that i know my worth, i understand my worth, and i walk in my worth. i have learned how to make my value and love life coexist without either lacking in importance. not only do i remember my essence often, i AM my essence.

i am Mia. i know who i am. i know my worth. i am in love and am a fully functioning complete person with or without a relationship.

remember your essence.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SPOTLIGHT ON...: the wonderful West 3rd Street

from bakeries and jewelry stores to pizzerias, nail shops, and restaurants....west third street in Los Angeles literally has it all. i practically live on this street because i work at Alexis Bittar (8383 west 3rd st).... and our friendly neighboring shops have welcomed us with open arms! SO, without further ado, i'd like to RAVE about a few of my favorite west 3rd spots thus far.

1) D'Amore's Famous Pizza (8369 west 3rd st):

there is definitely a reason i am the mayor here on foursquare. i eat here dang near every day!! YUM! the pizza bianco is to die for! as is the 5 cheese baked ziti, the garden burger, and the chicken panini! i go here on lunch and get DELICIOUS food and great convo with this location's owner Christie D'Amore! she is AWESOME!!! Did i mention this is like the healthiest pizza EVER? score!

2) Le Labo (8385 west 3rd st)

Le Labo is right next door to my job and i love that i can smell the fragrances through the walls. Dexter, the manager, is one of my besties on the street....always up for a quick fashion chat and encourages me to come put some parfum on daily. #crossMarketing lol. these fragrances are truly an investment $$ but well worth it. a few of my favorites? Musc 25, the exclusive LA scent that you won't find anywhere but here. it's soft and sexy...makes you want to be close to someone special so that they can partake in your yumminess! Another 13 is AMAZING and uberly exclusive. only 500 bottles of this was made. BUT once you buy this bottle you can get it refilled forever. of the 500 bottles made, there are only FIFTEEN left. i want one sooooo badly. *hint hint BOYFRIEND* hahaha. I also lke Neroli, Vetiver, Rose, Ambrette, and Labdanum. If you happen to go in on a day when Isaac is working, be prepared for a true fragrance experience. he truly has a way with words and making you FEEL the scents. he's awesome.

3) Benefit Cosmetics (8387 west 3rd st)

brow waxing, brow tinting, tons of makeup, tons of fun. i j'adore my Benefit gals!! Helena is an AWESOME brow boss and Michelle, the manager, is a bundle of joy. all of the Benefit ladies are fun, friendly, and fierce with it! you will NOT be disappointed. plus, one of the owners, Lisa Edwards is a doll!

4) Tina's Nails (8371 west 3rd st)

quick and professional, the ladies at Tina's Nails are spectacular. they are ALWAYS busy but somehow i never seem to have to wait. i love it! speedy service. whether i need a pedi or a mani, i am always in and out on my lunch break. my new found love? GEL NAILS!! they use the GELish brand here and it's pretty amazing. gel polish that lasts for weeks. if you know me, you know i am slightly obsessed with nail polish. the GEL polish is super shiny, super smooth, and dries SUPER fast with the help of the UV light. i got my nails done on Christmas Eve and i am barely in need of a new mani now. sooooo guess where i'll be on my lunch break tomorrow??

there are TONS of wonderful places on west 3rd and i can't wait to explore them all. Polkadots and Moonbeams, Wockano, and Joan's on third are also places that i frequent.

LA has so many awesome things to do, see, and eat.... i am dedicating this year to new wonders. can't wait to see what i will find and what i will experience!!!

live a little folks!!!

p.s. couldn't end without mentioning the most important place on west 3rd job!!! 8383 west 3rd street will have you at ALEXIS BITTAR!!!

so blogger babies, are there any places where you live that you think deserve a spotlight? excellent service? great food? amazing prices? dope clothes? LET ME KNOW so i can feature it "spotlight on..."


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BAD BISH: Creepy Minaj

like i have said since day one, i am not a huge fan of her music....but there is absolutely no doubt that Nicki Minaj is a force to be reckoned with. granted, she does have a few songs that i can jam out to, i wouldn't be the person first in line to buy an album.

her image though?

she is a well oiled machine making one strategic move after another. can't hate.


REAL TALK: woman to woman

lately, i have been EXTREMELY inspired by the women around me. from social to personal... the good advice and examples just don't stop. 11 days into the new year and it feels SO good. i am at a really great place...i feel powerful and unstoppable. can i REALLY do anything? of course i can. this year i am so dedicated to Mia and all that comes with being the best Mia i can be.

famous female, friend, foe, and family....the women in my life are awesome. i am so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty, talent, intelligence, and drive. i am in awe.

hopefully, the positive energy i am being fed continues all year. let's make 2011 the start of TRUE sisterhood.

encourage, uplift, and respect.



Friday, January 7, 2011

NEW VIDS: anti-bullying

tear jerker much?


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DISASTERS IN DATING: the resurrection....

time passes.
mistakes are made.
tears are shed.
apologies said and accepted.
then love......

it never ceases to amaze me how incredible love is.
it comes in and covers a multitude of wrongs.
i am absolutely in awe of its power.

when you can look into the face of love and feel God,
that's when you know.
just like the Christian walk, love isn't always easy.
we backslide, we fall off, we make bad decisions along the way.
then love....

saves us.
restores us.
strengthens us.
resurrects us.

i am literally consumed with this life altering emotion.
we are exactly where we're supposed to be.
with each other.
loving every inch of each other.

and we can't get enough,
cuz like he said "you are who i want".
we fit.

"aint no competition when you're in it...." ;-)


i knew that we'd find our way back to each other.
being apart was the best thing that could have happened to us.
it hurt like hell to leave you, but it was SO necessary.
there is no better feeling than learning, living, and loving WITH you.
i never thought it would be this easy to start from scratch, start over, start anew....
but it is.
we feel so right.
over a year ago, we rushed into something that took yeeeeeaaars to finally establish.
now, standing at the starting line of 2011...i can say that this is where we belong.
infatuated at first sight on a random night in 2005.
we have the stuff that true love stories are made of.
let's work at it baby.

i have fallen in love with you all over again....

welcome home daddy.