MY 2 CENTS: the other woman....sisterhood anyone?

by now im sure the majority of the blog-obsessed society has speculated, heard about, read about, gossiped about, or really just KNOWS about the love triangle that is Alicia Keys, Swizz Beat, & his wife Mashonda. yes, i said WIFE! after 5 years of marriage, their union is being torn apart. granted, there are 3 sides to every story (yours, theirs, & the truth) in this case there are 4... hers, his, the other woman's, & the truth.

this letter that Mashonda wrote to Alicia Keys via twitter hit the blog-o-sphere the other day & has caused quite an uproar. lots of opinions & sides are being taken. me personally? im totally siding with Mashonda. after reading her twetter (twit letter) 2 A.Keys, her class is SO evident. she could have used twitter & blogs to publicly lash out at Swizz & AK (even though there is allegedly a gag order in place) BUT she didn't. she is a WOMAN first & a mother second.

let me back up for a minute before i post the link to the actual letter.... as a young woman (im 24) i have had the pleasure of experiencing, witnessing, & avoiding plenty of train wreck relationships with men & women. i will be the first to admit that i was indeed a "homewrecker" when i was younger. my motto being: "i'll take your boyfriend". i was ruthless. if i wanted him...i was DEF gonna get him. "they aint married, so what!" the problem? if i would have never changed, who's to say i wouldn't have grown up to be that HUSBAND hunter type of chick? thank God for maturity right? i am actually thankful to have been on the receiving end of hurt when it comes to "the other woman". that pain was a wake up call. how could i have ever been so low, selfish, & conniving as to be a participant in causing pain to another woman?

ladies, if you feel you are SO destined to be with this man who is married or in a relationship...let fate take it's course. why rush it? if you're not gonna respect his FULL TIME woman, atleast respect yourself enough to want to be more than his PART TIME lover. one of my greatest pet peeves is an insecure chick. are you that unhappy with yourself that you'd want to piss on someone else's happiness (no matter how "perceived" it may be) just to get your way? people can say what they want about the state of Mashonda & Swizz's marriage but the FACT remains that they are still MARRIED. he wants A.Keys? fine! be with her...after your divorce.

and to the other woman, Alicia Keys...i def lost a lot of respect for her as a woman. i dig her music & her humanitarianism but her blatant disrespect of another woman's marriage has almost totally assassinated her character in my eyes. just how i don't support R.Kelly cuz he's a perv...i wont support A.Keys. my choice. my opinion. now that i have said my peace you can go to NECOLEBITCHIE.COM to read Mashonda's letter. or head over to her twitter @MASHONDALOYAL to check it out. whatever works for you.

in closing, i would really like it if women started having more CARE for each other. living, loving, & being yourself is already hard enough WITHOUT all of the backstabbing, hating, betraying, gossiping, & discouraging. if another woman is shining...let her shine. God blesses those who rejoice when other ppl receive blessings. the more you give (time, love, kind words, money, etc) the more you will receive. let's try sisterhood on for size...see how it feels, im SURE you will love it.


p.s. i am truly thankful for my consistent sister-friends who i can depend on NO MATTER what. if it's for a meal, a prayer, or a shoulder to lean on...having dependable, trustworthy, honest, caring, God fearing, intelligent, motivated, classy women friends is truly priceless. my main main main ones who i would NEVER question? Constance, Onikhol, & Monique... i LOVE you ladies dearly. and to the rest of my friends whom are also solid, THANK YOU! jimmy, ruthi, brandi, blair, kimiya, ashley p, Courtesy Management, etc etc. i have im THANKFUL 4 that in itself. not many women are blessed to have friendships with other women. kudos friends, kudos!


Jaelynn said…
I would half to say that was an inspirational message for all women. We have all been hurt, and neglected, and feel so alone, that we disrespect others and what they having going on for our needs. As Mia said, what happened to being happy for others? Where did sisterhood go? Are we so desperate for a man, that we will still someone elses? Could we not wait till the divorce was final Alicia?

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