the 'B'est to ever do it...

this woman is absolutely the most amazing performer. naysayers...say what ever you like but numbers & longevity do not lie. Beyonce' WILL go down in MJ. she's timeless...she will continue to grow & conquer. she goes above & BEYONce. i LOVE this performance 1) b/c i always wanted to hear "Sweet Dreams" as a syrupy, smooth ballad. 2) b/c no matter how many times i see "single Ladies" performed..she shows out like it's her first time giving it 2 the masses. 3) her effort is second nature... perfection is flowing in her veins. she's SO 100%.

i adore Beyonce'.


p.s. almost all "official" vids of her performance were "legally" taken down. very hard 2 find 'em.


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