Twitter Me This: Mechanical Dummy

i dont even know where to start with this situation because im SO annoyed by it. please tell me when will the media let Chris Brown live? omfg! this dude can't even tweet freely without blogs & "franemies" ("friends/fans/enemies" they all go hand in hand in his situation) having a heart attack over every character in his 140 moments of freedom. his stress over this situation is even reflected in his twitter name: @mechanicaldummy. i mean, i may just be reading too deeply into it but that name is SCREAMING for ppl to leave him alone. his every move has become so calculated & scripted that he has become the updated version of Pinocchio. every move scrutinized, every word magnified & blown out of proportion. i would be beyond irritated if i had to censor my tweets. famous or not, twitter is a place where ur supposed to be able to speak freely. well, as freely as possible. to most, twitter is a diary of sorts... 140 characters of sometimes irrational thoughts at any given moment. but damn... it's only entertainment. it's not the Bible. again i will say, LET CHRIS BROWN LIVE!

follow him: @mechanicaldummy

and check out his new guest spot on Ester Dean's new song "Drop it Low"

i digs it...can't wait for Chris's comeback!



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