"if i'm not on your street, it's because i'm on my own corner..." -Bishop Kenneth Wells

this quote comes from an extremely inspiring sermon that my Bishop delivered yesterday at church. when he said it, i was like "wow wow wubbzy" that sums up how i have felt for the majority of this year. being the social person that i am, people have come to expect me to be everywhere, all the time & in the know on it all. SO not the case. it is overwhelming when FRANEMIES want you to give give give so much of yourself, while no one is in turn depositing anything into you. your spirit becomes negative...just like a bank account. i can't give you happy go lucky if there is no happy go lucky in me. i can't give you time if the 24 hrs alotted to me are already predisposed. how can i possibly be in the know on every tom, dick, harry, jane, & eve when i don't actually care what these ppl are doing? how can i focus on my own future successes when the masses are vying for my attention? I CAN'T!!! so before you ask yourself "where is mia?" or "where is jane, eve, harry, tom, & dick?".... look at where you are & focus on that instead. allow me to clean up my corner before i invite you to my hood. and while i'm doing my neighborhood clean up.... how about you sweep your street to keep yourself occupied with your own life. sound like a plan?

my dear blogger babies... DO YOU. BE YOU. LOVE YOU. TRUST YOU. ENCOURAGE YOU. & once you do so, happiness is sure to follow.



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