REAL TALK: overheard on CNN HLN news

this morning while tuning in to CNN HLN news, i caught one of the correspondents (Jaime, i think her name was) talking about how we don't know how to grieve anymore. she touched on the "celebrities" who have self-medicated themselves instead of turning to the old fashion way of mourning... CRYING! i couldn't agree with her more. these celebrities are dropping like flies & "prescription" drugs seem to be the common denominator in all of these cases.

i understand that the hollyweird life can be very stressful but this is the lifestyle that these ppl chose. i despise when celebrities don't own up to their influence. you're in the limelight...OF COURSE you have ppl looking up to you, live responsibly. how dare the public expect so much of you right? WRONG! i wish these idiots would get a friggin clue....medicating yourself is NOT the answer. get a therapist for Christ's sake! talk about your problems... DEAL with your issues!!!! and when all options have been exhausted... CRY!


p.s "fame is a drug" t-shirt is by Dope Couture & was featured in the Drake/Trey Songz "Successful" video.


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