Tuesday, April 27, 2010

REAL TALK: Surf Club is an army...better yet a family

sooooo im over here catching up on the readings on my blogroll and i see that Drake gave the homies of SURF CLUB a genuine shout out over on OVO. ever since i met them last year, i can honestly say that i have nothing bad to say about them. talented, loyal, focused, cool individuals. too often the journey to the top comes between friends....i dont see that happening with this group. they are 100% down for each other and that in itself is so very admirable.

like i have said in previous posts about Surf Club, i am def a supporter. continue to be great and do great things. it's a pleasure being acquainted with yall.

in the words of Hit-Boy...health wealth positivity prosperity.


Drake's shoutout

tune in to SURF CLUB

PLAYLIST: intergalatic love....



p.s. sorry Ursh but ur album is not really poppin. what happened? the black leather outfits cloud ur musical judgement? get it 2gthr my dear. THANKS.

BAD BISHES: unrecognized intelligence...

intelligent. gorgeous. and rather underrated. what does regina hall have to do to get her big break? i would REALLY love to see her as a force to reckon with. if i had my way, my line up of A list COLOR in Hollywood would be Zoe Saldana, Regina Hall, and Nia Long. i LOVE them. kudos to Zoe for all of her MAJOR accomplishments. as soon as Regina moves away from the mediocre roles, i honestly believe she will be an extremely bright star.

"GOD" luck Regina....im rooting for you!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

POETICALLY INCLINED: twisted thoughts....

please remove yourself from my thoughts.
you're absolutely no good for me.
even when you're not here....there you are.
taunting & teasing me.
your unseen footprints are in sync with my every step.
i can feel your breath on my neck every time i walk away.
memories shackled to me like ghosts of broken slaves.
i despise your very existence.
but still need you to survive.
this is twisted.
psychotic even.
smudged traces of you still slightly visible.
i suppose i smell you seeping from my pores.
erotically disgusting.
violently uninhibited, i cant escape your influence.

you. damn you.
fcuk you kindly.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BAD BISHES: Ciara's back....

okay so i know i have personally been giving Ciara shit for lowkey becoming some socialite flunky to Kim Kardashian & company....i hated it. even tho i dig Kimmie K and LaLa, i just didnt understand why Ciara was jet setting, shopping, & have paparazzi'd out lunches in LA instead of doing shows and making music. needless to say, her ride or die fans must have lit fire into her cuz that bish came back harder den a muhfugga. and i APPRECIATE this sh*t! she obviously took the time to construct a plan of attack (instead of putting out stuff on an impulse)and then executed it perfectly. hair, body, song, image....all on point. good sh*t CiCi.

welcome back.

and im diggin the viral vid she did as well.

get gutta Ci.


Life of an Intern....

good news!

i just landed the most amazing internship with Bismarck Phillips Communication & Media!!! most people know that i LOVE fashion....i want to own a chic clothing boutique and sit front row at all of the hottest fashion shows as a buyer for my boutique. i want to do styling and personal shopping...i want to do it ALL. eventually, i also want to become an Editor at Large of a MAJOR magazine....something like a way cooler & cuter version of Andre' Leon Talley.

so anywho, i have been looking for a break...any kind of break. i needed to get my toe in this industry so that i could begin to absorb all of the hands on experience that you simply cant get by having numerous fashion mag subscriptions. this break has finally come in the form of this internship. im so very grateful, excited, and anxious. yesterday was my first day and today 3 of my supervisors took me to the side on seperate occasions to let me know how great of a job im doing and to keep up the good work. #clap4me.

just an update....that is all. im happy :-)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

MY 2 CENTS: not so much....

soooo it's not a total #FAIL but perhap a D...okay i'll give her a C-. the song concept seems like it came from a raunchy session of girl talk about one night stands and great sex. this is what my friends like to call "keepin it funky"....but the thing about our Keep it Funky sessions, weeeeellll they stay between us!! mizz kiely mizz kiely, smh...u could have atleast given us some eye candy!!! damn!! your leading man looked like he had all kinds of diseases. just a thought, perhaps this is in some weird twisted way a viral video to bring awareness to having responsible sex??? huh huh?? perhaps eh??

okay, i tried. lol. the song isn't amazing, but it lowkey has club appeal. im pretty darn sure after a few shots of patron this song will go hard on the dance floor. #dontjudgeme

i like the rawness of the video...puts me in a slutty mindset relative of Erykah's "window seat". she done good...she got people talking about her. it's just a drastic change from how the public has previously known her. she could have atleast been photographed drunk clubbing before premiering this video so that we could have mentally connected the dots first. lol

overall...not terrible. if this image is the direction she really wants to go in, then i think she executed it well. if her next video is about love and soft fluffy things, theeeen she DEF made a wrong turn.

Spectacular? not so much! Average at best.


Monday, April 5, 2010

NEW VIDS: freaky little so and so....

i thought the innocent virgin was going to be sacrificed at the end of the video.

or atleast turned into a "little freak"...a la Twilight. :-)


MY 2 CENTS: The Audacity of Heauxs

let me speak my peace and forever be done with this issue....

why the hell do these lame ass mistresses feel so damn victimized? im so sick of the media giving them a platform to share their sleazy voices with the world. the audacity of these heauxs to demand money, respect, and an apology. it is bad enough that teen girls are idolizing "Barbies" and video chicks...now the life of a side chick is being glorified as some type of profession that entitles you to 15 minutes of fame. get the FCUK outta here!!!

where is the self-respect?


Saturday, April 3, 2010

THEME MUSIC: muhfuggin drizzzzaaaay

when this joint hit the internet a couple of weeks ago...everyone went NUTS, of course! #shoutout 2 my homie @hitboy_sc for playing it for us the day before it dropped. lol yea, we felt a little exclusive. anywho....this sh*t is everything 2 me right now. inspires me to keep grinding cuz that "life" is coming. SOON!

thanks for the theme music drizzzzzzzzy



i anxiously await u.
fireworks and 25 candles.
new opportunities come to light.
dead ends...finally end.
beach trips.
margaritas rimmed in sugar.
BBQs. short shorts & pedicured toes.
big sunglasses. light scents. poppin lip color.

Dear Summer...

hurry and come.
i miss u.


PLAYLIST: nothin on you...

in short? i like it.

feel good music.

this is what has been missing.


p.s. this Bruno character is def one to watch. bet on that.

NEW ISH: "CREEPY" Minaj strikes again...

my dear sweet Creepy Minaj never stops working. cant be mad...bish is making COINS!!! granted, im not a huge fan of her music BUT the video was visually pleasing. she looked good. now, if money buys u that body...better believe im saving up for that booty! lol..no im for really. i must point out that the green hair was VERY lil kim-ish.

cute face...AMAZING body...mediocre lyrics.

i tolerate her.