Twitter Me This: #musicmonday

so i often get tweets from ppl asking me to listen to their music. if i dont know you...then most likely i wont even acknowledge your tweet. rude much? yea, i can be. so today i got 2 tweets from artists asking me to support them...twitter is about networking and such sooo i thought i'd lend a hand. give these twits some's not hurting me any. plus, whatever feed back they get can be helpful to their career (or lack thereof). also, this will be a new category of blog posts. #musicmonday on twitter. whenever artists, or their ppl, hit me up...i will post them on here.

soooo here goes nothing:

RT @hoadmusik @MiaMcK #musicmonday Download the mixtape GRINDHOUSE "More than a group, it's a family

RT @TroubleGod @MiaMcK #MusicMonday Support me and my music juss released my new Track: Free DL By @TroubleGod

feedback blogger babies?? hit up the artists @troublegod and @hoadmusik & tell 'em what u think!


catch me on twitter @miamck


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