Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NEW ISH: the wait is over...

and im not talking about Rihanna. Dondria has FINALLY released her debut video!! i am so geeked about this!! i remember watching her youtube vids before she was discovered by JD...back when she was always eating somethin or drinking some kool aid. always admired her effortless talent. patience is EVERYTHING and i think hers is def gonna pay off.

the visuals in this vid are def stunning. when black and white is done properly...it ALWAYS works.

p.s. speaking of artists with PATIENCE...shout out to Teyana Taylor. i seriously feel like when her time comes she is gonna b a BEAST! i dig her!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

PLAYLIST: the script

so i was recently watching regis and kelly one morning and this wonderful band performed. i immediately fell in love and had to go on a search to find the song they sang. "Break Even" is the song and i need to download it to my handy dandy blackberry asap. watch the vid below and u will understand my new obsession with them.

enjoy blogger babies!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

POETICALLY INCLINED: it's getting late...

and i'd rather be here. no place else.
submerged in thoughts of our last encounter.
raw. animalistic. taboo.
sipped on my milk and drank all of my essence.
ur invisible prints unabashedly smeared across my canvas.
greedy. attentive. erotic.
jealous of my own 5 senses. cant get enough of you.
excited when i see it. excited when it disappears.
inhibitions. completely. gone.
scold myself for embracing your touch.
but undoubtedly, i'd be lost without it.
it's. getting. late.
so why aren't you here.

fkuc me good.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

IM OFF THAT: high society

i am not even going to spend much time talking about this show but i will say, I'M OFF THAT! it's another trashy trailer-ite ("socialite") show that showcases these people making asses of themselves. yes, there are a few ignorant reality shows that have black people acting an ass....but at least they aren't racist. one character, Jules Kirby, so indignantly proclaims that her friends tend not to be fat, Jewish, or black. WTF! oh and of course she "sometimes uses the Nword"....I'M OFF THAT! the whole premise of the show is far from interesting and for some reason, i doubt it's going to last. all of the people featured on the show aren't young, beautiful, or talented in the least. because i am SO disgusted by this show, i wont put it's air times on here or even a picture of the cast. sorry Tinsley....but you should have had better people cast with you.

if you have ever watched and liked a black show on the CW, i encourage you to boycott this low class "high" society show.


NEW ISH: The Simmons Legacy Continues...

i have been hearing about Diggy for a couple of months now. little did i know he was for really about this rap move. last time i checked, he was trying to get his clothing line started. i meeeean, this is a fresh a$$ kid. word to ya mutha. i cant even knock his hustle. he didn't come cheesy or try to gain exposure by starting his career while being filmed for the show. so in my eyes, he's WAY legit! annnnnd, i heard his mixtape is the truth! kudos Diggy! i support ya!

enjoy blogger babies!


MY 2 CENTS: hello...? can u hear me now?

you all know that #iDie for Beyonce'...she is absolutely EVERYTHING to me. in saying this, i feel like this is a good look for her. pairing up with Lady Gaga is allowing Beyonce' to touch a brand that she wouldn't be able touch on her own. Lady Gaga brings out the freakishly free & sexually uninhibited side of Beyonce' that some "fans" look down on. let's be real, the world has put Beyonce' in a box...so much so, that if she steps out of the cookie cutter Superstar box, she is met with more criticism than praise. i will personally thank Lady Gaga for being a buffer. this out of the box act is expected from Lady Gaga...according to everyone she is on her way to "icon status". i have nothing against the video, it's entertaining and different. plus, videos that are loosely based on movies are always pretty good. real talk, the only thing missing from this video is Nicki Minaj. overall, i give it 3.5 stars out of 5.


Monday, March 1, 2010

MUSIC MONDAY: i KNOW Tremaine's name..Pillow Talk...imma be a FREAK!

this man is sooooo damn fine. and this video is visually amazing!

enjoy blogger babies...cuz i know i did!

so occasionally i feature artists that hit me up on twitter asking me to help promote their music. this is and isn't one of those cases. i happen to know and uberly love this producer. Will Johnson is literally one of the most unique and talented people i have EVER come across. so i am EXCITED to feature him on my blog!


follow him on twitter @whenf

I am just gonna predict now that Estelle is gonna be a MAJOR force this year! this track is bananas....i love that she isnt afraid to explore different sounds with her music. Kudos sis! ur amazing to meeee!!!

"every single girl should embrace their inner freak..."

words 2 live by ;-) ask any girl who has a man!

think ur a freak?? enter her contest @ www.estellemusic.com/freakcontest/

love you blogger babies!