DISASTERS IN DATING: scared of lonely

been single for some time now. actually, a LONG time. 3 years to be exact. i must say..it's been one hell of a roller coaster. 3 years ago, i never expected to still be single. but i also wasn't too keen on the idea of being in a relationship. ya see, the R word freaks me out. well i guess, it used to. after being IN love the transition OUT of it sucks something crucial. nights seem to drag on & your days speed by. i was the loneliest lonely person....but no one ever knew. kudos to me for hiding it so well. i WANTED to be that strong young woman i portrayed myself as. i WANTED to be that girl who was secure by herself. thank God my WANTING became my reality. im no longer SCARED OF LONELY i faced the young woman in the mirror...i acknowledged the pain. i dealt with the hurt. i faced myself. i accepted me. now i can be in a crowded room by myself and be okay. i curb the desire to hold a man's hand by simply holding my own. i learned how to be my own comfort; my own joy; my own happiness; my own lover; my own peace of mind.

now that i conquered being alone.
im ready to open myself up for companionship.
now that i let old love rest in peace.
im ready to revive my heart & live.
now that i know my worth, know who i am, & know what i do & dont want...
im ready to love.

India Arie- Ready for Love

so blogger babies, what are your hang ups when it comes to exploring new relationships?? let me know! comment or hit me on twitter.com: @miamck


the picture above is from MYLTAN... chk out the blog. it's not in english but the artwork is pretty dope.


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