JUST SAYIN: family is everything....

it's labor day weekend and we all know what that means. food, family, & fun. well, for my family atleast. this year the majority of the fam got together at Cookie & David's house for a block party. customary with our family functions is drankin, dominoes, food, jokes, & other randomness. as i sat on the front yard under a tent amongst family, i realized that this is what i want... forever. i don't really think im being biased but i must admit, MY FAMILY IS BETTER THAN YOURS. like seriously. i think every last one of them is AMAZING. and i adore the fact that all of these generations of kin can come together so easily and enjoy each other's company so often. whomever im in a relationship with will have to go through hell when meeting (all at one time) my brothers, my cousin Kaliev, and my uncle/cousins BoBo, Artist, Tony, & Gerald... i almost feel sorry for the poor schmuck who captures my heart.

but yea, i LOVE my HUGE family.... im just sayin.

love your family!!! Knights- Lemmons descendants are the best!!



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