Tuesday, September 8, 2015

POETICALLY INCLINED: the dopest love

I once said that I would mess around
and manifest the dopest love last year

then you appeared.

perhaps, not for the union...
but as a lesson in what dope
love could really feel like.

because you felt great.
and I miss it.

I miss effortless.
I miss intelligence.

I miss telling you secrets
about my spirit....
and you turning me on
by simply understanding it.

my growth in God allows me to trust His timing.
but I can't help but miss the hours we spent facetiming.
planning, plotting and vision sharing
accountability partner to life partner...
I get it. that's scary.

so you shook.
and that's cool.
having you ready is far better than
having you pressured
in my book.

it's just that it doesn't really sit well that we're barely friends
didn't wanna live the cliche' of all good things coming to an end

no hard feelings or grudges
I feel blessed and hopeful about what true love is
knowing the type of King that stirs my soul actually exists
to know I could love someone beyond the physical, not even a kiss.

so maybe you weren't the dopest love manifested
but you were surely a sign of what I am being prepared
to be blessed with.

for that, I thank you and love you.


Friday, August 14, 2015

LIFE AND SUCH: how to winnerize your circle ....

I was scrolling instagram this morning and thought I seen a post that said
"how to winnerize your circle"
so I scrolled back up and it actually said "how to winterize your vehicle" lol
it was a sponsored car insurance post.... LOL

But, in my quick and wrong reading I actually got a dope revelation.
I immediately went into prayer for all of the people in my life.
friends and family. near and far.
even people that I don't have a close relationship with...
they received prayer as well.

THAT was it.
prayer is the key to EVERYTHING.
going before God on behalf of people does so much for them
and even more for US.
prayer softens people's hearts
prayer opens up lines of communication that may not have existed
prayer changes things.

I prayed for God's will to be done in my relationships with people.
meaning if I am meant to be connected, then I will be. if not... I KNOW
people will be removed from my life.
I prayed for people's businesses, marriages, pregnancies, minds, hearts, health, etc.
my one on one time with God FOR people
will do more than any one on one time I have WITH people.

it felt so good to go to God for ,that it convicted me for not
being consistent with my selfless prayers.
a lot of times LIFE kicks in a does a number on us.
so much so, that we get caught up in praying to God for self.
it is more draining to pray and pray and pray and MAGNIFY
what's "wrong" in our lives...than it is to just let it be and get busy
praying for others. most people have burdens that far outweigh our own.
taking a break from self tends to change our own situation without effort.

it's one thing to love people.
another thing to actively go for bat for their souls and peace.

want to run with a circle of winners??

PRAY FOR THEM!!! watch how God uplifts, favors, blesses, protects and provides.

Amen? Amen!


Monday, August 10, 2015


there has been a line drawn in the sand.
mediocrity slightly separated from soaring success.

Lord knows the side I'm meant for.
courage, faith, belief, work, focus, manifestation.
just a few things needed to get my footing planted
firmly on the other side.

standing at the brink,
time's hands  on my back
pushing me over.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

poetically inclined: bond

the bond.
always wondered why you're still here.
still reaching out. still attracted.
there are nights I wake up whispering your name
part of me knowing that you hear me.
scary hours.
when most sleep,
you create.
you haunt.
you play in my dreams.
my personal angel, forever showing up right when I need you.
you save me
and over
and over.
I think you need me to love you.
show you what it's really like.
is that the reason you stay..
reaching out.
never too far that a text won't find you.

the bond.
never have to wonder if you're still here.
because you save me
and over
and over.
you need it, you have it. love you....forever.


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Earthstrong: 30 for 30

August 7th I turned 30.
wait, 30. like three and a zero?
yes. 30.
not for nothing, I am blessed to be here.
just kinda wondering how I got here so quickly.
the main lesson that resounds with me is,  "spend more time being happy"

forcing things and situations and people to fit into God's purpose for my life
serves to be a futile mission. I'd rather just go with His flow.

live with an open hand and open heart so that life flows in and out as it should.
I am taking my hand off of things. it has proved to be pointless.

What works for me? Consulting God, meditating and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me.
Allowing God to put the pieces together and create the masterpiece of my life as He initially
designed it to be. *mind blown* simple right?

I would like to think I learned a few things in my 30 years and I know for sure there are tons
of things I still have to learn. There are also some things I'd like to unlearn and unhabitualize. lol
is that even a word? 30 for 30 is my list of 30 habits I would like to pick up during this next decade.

So, here it goes.

MiaMcK's 30 For 30

1. yoga: been off and on for a year now. I LOVE how my body feels when I'm on, so habit 1 goes to consistent yoga practice.
2. saving and budgeting: just seems right to be way more responsible now that I'm 30. lol
3. meditation: 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bed. forever peace is always welcomed in my life.
4. painting: creativity keeps you young
5. travel: since I lost my passport it universally stumped my travel experiences. applying for a new one and unlocking my travel energy, ASAP.
6. keep in touch more: my girlfriends are pretty awesome. none of us have done this whole growing up, motherhood, marriage thang before. we are all navigating it. we all need each other more than ever.
7. patience
8. kitchen prowess: I am not lacking in cooking skills, but I do want to learn a few more things... especially when it comes to baking.
9.  optimum follow through: doing what I say and sticking to it
10. Mia first: sticking to making myself happy first
11. more writing: words are my first love. blog more and more and more.
12. read more: books fuel writing. 2 books per month, easily.
13. live in real time: less social media, more life.
14. be fearless: following dreams won't ever kill me. not following them will.
15. open hand and heart: live in such a way that life flows, unobstructed, in and out as it is meant
16. seek ye first: groom my God relationship in a way that's tailored to US
17. judgment free zone: everyone is living their life from the height of their current awareness. including me. accept more, love more. judge less.
18. run for it: growing up, I was addicted to Eric Jerome Dickey books. his characters were so vivid and relatable (even though I was 11 and they were meant to be late 20's/early 30s). but I just KNEW I would embody some of their characteristics when I grew up. running being one of them.
19. live far outside the box: no titles/labels, no expectations, no validation. just live. get better daily
20. just fall: in love, heal. repeat repeat repeat.
21. think more: there will always be a method to this madness we call life. putting a little
more thought into it to achieve optimum results aint such a bad thang.
22. do it: once in a lifetime opportunities will keep happening when positioned to DO them. say yes to the universe
23. gardening: it seems like it would be so relaxing to nurture and care for something to reach its most mature and beautiful state
24. work smarter: plan and execute. dassit.
25. be stingy with me: no time given to relationships and situations that won't grow me
26: say no: to anything less than what I desire and deserve
27. face fears: head on. no running. they disappear when faced. choose the fear when presented with options.
28.believe bigger: God purposed me for a BIG life. always believe the best.
29. never settle: I can have, do, be whatever I want
30. never grow up

xo, McK

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#MiaMcKLovesYou: prepared for greater

deciding to love self is a forever journey.
like, every morning when I wake up it's a must I choose me.
there have been mornings when I chose a lesser version of self.
there have been sunrises where I chose the man sleeping next to me.
there have been 5a alarms that have fallen on deaf ears.
there have been days that started and I struggled to catch up.

deciding to love self is a forever journey.
in 3 days I turn 30 and I am wondering how that morning will be.
I know one thing for sure, waking up and choosing Mia seems like
the most joyful way to spend that day.

I have done a lot of right things and tons of seemingly wrong things as well.
I have no huge declaration of what 30 means to me.
I just know what LIFE is currently meaning to me.
It means taking nothing for granted.
It means I seriously can not do anything without God.
He has been saving me and protecting me and providing for me
in some supernatural ways lately.
There aren't any words of gratitude that can express what I feel.
His glory and His will are being done in my life.

29 years.
29 years of what feels like a dress rehearsal of who I am supposed to become
and what I am meant to do.
I have been shaken, pressed, picked, beaten...
in other words, prepared.

I am ready.
to love, to be, to grow, to show the evidence of my anointing.


currently seeking God....

what if every time I wanted him... I desired Him instead?
what if every time I wanted to be better for him... I sought to be better for Him?
what if submission to God was as applauded as submission to the man of the moment?

what if I prayed to God as much as I texted him?
what if I worshipped God as much as I stroked his ego?
what if the ring I worked for was really my halo...my salvation?

what if thirst trapping on social media turned into soul saving?
what if I spent more time seeking the Kingdom of God instead of seeking a man?

imagine that.
living to please God for peace, for promotion, for eternal life.