"im living proof that sometimes u gotta fall back before u fall flat.." via @spgeed on twitter.

im so happy i came across this on twitter today cuz this is EXACTLY how i feel. right now im on a hiatus from my "normal" day 2 day activities/behavior. it's not me running from issues, it's me taking time to myself to get in order. it's easy to become wrapped up in the shuffle of ur everyday & forget the basics. family & God. i love my friends...but they are expendable 2 an extent.

im sure we have all dealt with quotables... i mean "friends". those friends who stab you in the front (how considerate, right?). before stress & such overcome you it can be very therapeutic to fall back. spend time with yourself with as little distractions as possible. i have people hunting me down right now tryin to get in contact with me... but they are the least of my worries. selfish? maybe... but isn't it selfish to want me to be ever present in YOUR life while MY life isn't orderly? put on someone else's shoes for a second & imagine their walk.

but yea, im spending time with God & it's hard b/c confessing my sins/faults to Him is the most intimidating thing. even though He KNOWS what i did/will do, the Bible says "confess". so to everyone out there who is wondering about me...let me be. i had to fall back before i fell flat. BUT, thanks for your concern.


p.s. i love you blogger babies. take care of YOU...cuz ur the only YOU that you will get. and remember, God doesn't bless mess. u gotta get in order.


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