WATCH WHAT HAPPENS....Nick Cannon's the MAN.

while Mariah Scarey is DAILY having me pray for her early retirement with her over and beyond antics (i.e. the crap that is "obsessed"), her hubby is def receiving kudos from me for his business moves. never one to see platinum albums sales or box office success, Nick Cannon is def more savvy when it comes to the small screen. let's face it, television is his forte'. you KNOW you used to watch Wild'n Out faithfully so don't front. so yea, Nick Cannon is the new CHAIRMAN of TheN channel which will be renamed TeenNick come september 28th. i LOVE TheN channel b/c of how real it is. Plus, it boasts shows like DEGRASSI!!! that show btw, is pumping out stars left & right (drake, shenae grimes, etc.) but anywho, im pretty sure im so LATE with this..oh well! i mean sorry for not being up on my Nick Cannon news..he's such a commodity right? *side eye* nevertheless, kudos to him for almost (but not really) redeeming himself for marrying Mariah Carey (barf).



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