REAL TALK: the will to fight

in the news today: a girl who was kidnapped at age 11 showed up almost 20 years later, alive & well. this woman is now 29 years old and allegedly has 2 children with the man who abducted her. how does this happen??

im pretty sure she didn't plan her own kidnapping in order to run off with this old ass man, so it makes me wonder why after 18 years did she finally trying to go home? did she simply lose hope & grow accustomed to the life this man and his WIFE forced upon her? on the contrary, she held on to a sliver of hope...perhaps it was her faith in God or just the thought of one day embracing her mother again...she held on to this hope. now, 18 years later her hope has manifested in to her reality. tragic story, yes. relevant to every day life, yes!

so many of us are faced with hardships that at times seem impossible to overcome. no money, no job, no this, & no these depressing times it can be so easy to lose your will to fight. thoughts of giving up plague our sleepless nights and we kind of mentally prepare ourselves to grow accustomed to this mediocre life. im telling you now...we all go through it. please don't give up. if after 18 years, this woman still had the fight in her to give it one more shot AND MAKE IT... give life ONE MORE SHOT and watch how you make it.

don't ever tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your GOD is.

It's Only a Test (song originally by Bishop Larry Trotter) idk who is in this vid.



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