PLAYLIST...soundtrack of my summer

im sure im not the only sad sap who listens to sad songs when im sad just to enjoy the full experience of my sadness....we all do that right? well anywho, i decided to make a soundtrack for my summer cuz sometimes writing isn't enough.

im going through this whole "growing up" thing and this song is reaffirming my desire to be strong & confident in who i am.
Sara Haze- Lovely *HEAR IT*

now although his whole mixtape is AMAZING, "it would be you" (for summer soundtrack purposes) is my pick. this little melody is my pick for that summer song that makes me want to fall in love.
Trey Songz- It Would Be You *ENJOY IT HERE*

every chick has some hood in her & EVERY time this song comes on i start to feeling "so gully, so gutter, so hood". lol don't judge me though...
Dorrough- Ice Cream Paint Job *HEAR IT*

and i can't lie..for the raunchy ho in every girl, this songs gets it SO poppin in the club. i find myself backin' it up on the nearest cutie time after time. so again i say...DON'T JUDGE ME! lol
Trina- Look Back @ It *LISTEN*

because this video is MUCH anticipated & these 3 artists embody utter fabness, it goes on my soundtrack as my anthem to do better. who DOESN'T wanna run their town??
Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West- Run This Town *HEAR IT*

if i happened to be "in the mood" this song surely put me in sweet & sensual.
Keri Hilson- Make Love *INDULGE*

i absolutely can not go the whole summer without the hottest dude out...DRAKE. the beat is CRAZY on THE WINNER omg...makes me wanna go party, bullshit, & WIN! *LISTEN*

an ode to the ex...he used to play this for me while sitting in his car in front of my mom's house.
Erykah Badu & Stephen Marley- In Love W You *LISTEN*

and for all the basic beeeyotches & lames, this is especially for you.
T.I.- You Don't Know Me *FOR YOU*

slow it down a bit..this is gonna be one of the songs i love & never get tired of (right along w Ciara's Promise, Justin Timberlake's Until the End of Time, & Beyonce's Dangerously in Love)
Maxwell- Pretty Wings *CHECK IT OUT*

can't do love songs & such without adding the reason for my unrequited love epiphany. a lot of people don't know Megan Rochell but i have been a fan since 06. her songs have gotten me through some moments.
Megan Rochell- Let GO *LET GO HERE*

once summer ends, it's back to the same ole same ole humdrum of fall. don't get me wrong, i love when it cools down a bit & the college scene is poppin a tad...but there's nothing like summer. this has been another for the books and hopefully i come out of it much wiser and independent. growing up is a process...a difficult & humbling journey. so to close out my soundtrack, im turning this song up & singing it at the top of my lungs...
Mary J Blige- Stronger *LISTEN*

hope u enjoy a taste of what i have been vibing out to. enjoy the rest of your summer.

be blessed.



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