Twinkle Twinkle Rising Star...

there are some new leading men in hollywood and i think i may be just a little in love with them. yes, ALL OF THEM. Bradley Cooper (the hangover), Idris Elba (obsessed), & Gerard Butler (the ugly truth). now, these men are far from new to the scene but it is now that they are snagging roles that are putting them at the top of this hollywood game. if you remember, Gerard Butler was super fine & super ripped as King Leonidas in 300...amazing right?? Bradley Cooper was the cute friend in Failure to Launch and the overly perfect boyfriend in Wedding Crashers>>... clearly, i love the "white meat" lol. now u all have GOT to remember Idris' sexy ass in the hit show The Wire...OMG. that is a gawjuss man!! anywho, of all the sidekicks turned big shots these three actors are def my picks for the new leading men of hollywood. yes, we will always love Brad Pitt, George Clooney, & Denzel Washington...but a little new blood never hurt anyone. i look forward to seeing them light up the big screen in their new projects coming out and recently released. so blogger babies, matinee anyone??



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