FAB FILES: Britney Spears, the never ending star

obviously this is an old picture but im using it for a reason. this chick has had one amazing career and i honestly think her longevity is unmatched by the majority of solo chicks out right now. real ish, only Beyonce' is topping her right now. with out of this world album sales and unparalleled popularity, Britney can do no wrong. mental breakdown, less than sub-par MTV performance (u kno, the one with her gut hanging out), & a lame ass ex... she is STILL shutting down stadiums. the whole "who shaved first?" hair war is so very debated but it's obvious Cassie didn't start it. although Brit's look came at the expense of her sanity, she still rocked it well. just think, this broad is a mother of 2, had a mental breakdown (& didn't lose the majorly teen friendly CANDIES shoes endorsement), goes out in public with no panties, walks in nasty public bathrooms barefoot, & she married K.Fed...BUT she has CIARA opening up for her on her Circus tour. LMAO @ Ciara. let's recognize that Ms. Spears is a never ending star with a legion of fans that never let her down. IT'S BRITNEY BITCH.

plus, im feeling her new song Radar.



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