PLAYLIST: The Cataracs & such....

seen this vid yesterday & the white meat caught my eye. what can i say? i have a thing for flyy white guys...don't judge me plz & thanx! anywho, i spotted a few ppl making cameos in the club scene (i.e. Omarion). so yea, i then went & listened 2 some other music by them & i can say that im def digging them.

The Cataracs- Club Love

i rolls w Asher Roth, so i had 2 post his vid w Keri Hilson "She Don't Wanna Man". and again, Keri is STILL rocking that quick weave. Dear hairgods, please strike her hair down (kinda like MJ & the pepsi commercial) then my life will be complete. no, but seriously...i hate this hairstyle!!!

Asher Roth ft. Keri Hilson- She Don't Wanna Man
the vid starts 8 secs into play time.

so my little blogger babies...enjoy!!



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