PLAYLIST: im SO ready

it's here!!! Trey Songz's MUCH anticipated album is finally here! i have listened to a few songs and can't seem to get past ONE LOVE. great love song! he addresses issues that women have with simply acknowledging that we want love. sometimes love is as easy as taking "his" hand & BEING. i know we all just want to BE. happy, in love, content, protected, trusted....we all just want to be. so ladies, if you're tired of running from love you will ADORE this song.

Trey Songz- One Love

did u listen to it?? the vulnerability in this song is to be admired. it takes a lot for men and women to be completely OKAY with telling their significant other that they simply need them.

and for all you love makers out there, Neighbors Know My Name, will seriously get you going. Mr. Tremaine def knows how to make a love making song.

Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name

sexy right?? i don't know about you blogger babies, but im so READY for Trey Songz to blow. no matter if you've been rocking with him since braids & "Just Gotta Make It" or you're diggin him now with his fade & "Successful" sure he appreciates the support.

go cop the album...everyone's raaaaaving about it!


p.s. just found a sleeper hit. the sound is different from the majority of work we've heard from Trey. BLACK ROSES (listen) BUT i digs this!!

"aint gon' be all peaches. i thought through the pain, you would stay...."

"who knew our love would ever be called a memory? who knew my home for happiness would soon be misery?...."

i feel you TREY!


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