FAB FILES: "she may 'B' 4rm the hood, but 2 me she's a model..."

in the world of beauty, hip hop, & entertainment the next HOT BISH is always on the rise. so why not display one of the hottest beeeeyotches i know? yea, she is that Bword. buxom, bodacious, beautiful, brainy, bold...all those good B words describe one of my dearest friends. Brandi Bell...the baddest B. to date, she just MURDERED a shoot for the online magazine, C'est La Vie. BB looked muy caliente in the Ashley Paige bathing suits featured in the mag. clearly, i am so beyond excited for & proud of her. you seen it here first...Brandi Bell is def gonna be the next HOT BISH! get familiar.

check out the whole magazine: thisislavie.com/magazine/quickfix006

to catch more of mizzzz bell visit her blog: sheisthebword.blogspot.com

or follow her on twitter: twitter.com/sheistheb



B Word said…
Tell me why your blog is the shit! I love you! Thank you soo much Mia !
B Word said…
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