DISASTERS IN DATING: faith vs fornication

i used to think that the hardest part of dating was meeting someone with whom you're compatible...or perhaps someone who can keep your attention longer than 2 months. ummmm not so much. im a young, Christian woman who struggles with crossing that fine line between my faith and succumbing to fornication. what can i say? my flesh tends to be weak. let's be real here, most relationships involve sex and the temptation that intimacy produces is crucial because you WANT to be close & cuddly with the person you're involved with. so how does a Christian date?? again, let's be real...i have yet to come across a plethora of young men on the same spiritual wave length as me. the Christian walk is undoubtedly hard and i don't expect HOLY PERFECTION from any man...but how can i be open to dating when it's so common to be unequally yoked with the majority of guys im attracted to?

ladies & gents...my wonderful blogger babies... i would love to hear your feedback on this topic. leave comments or hit me at twitter.com/miamck.

the longest nite ever: 6.2.07.
the longest night ever...
barely slept because every one of my senses had been taken over by you.
chemistry so intense i could literally feel it...
surrounding me, engulfing me.
the dying flame of the candle set the mood for this,
the longest night ever.
the rapid beat of my heart mingled with ur steady pace
creating the hypnotic melody for 2 bodies to flow to.
the taste of you lingers happily on my lips
& your effect is felt from my tingling scalp to my numb fingertips.
this is the longest night ever.
flesh vs. faith and its hard 2 tell which is winning.
i want you now. i want you deep...i want you in me.
so close that i dont end where you begin,
but rather WE start where lust, passion, and plain old wanting come in.
this is the longest night ever
and i need you to touch, kiss, rub, hold...SOMETHING!
so that this long ass night can end peacefully...



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