REAL TALK: pretty for a dark skinned girl...

Tameka Foster-Raymond wrote an article about being "pretty for a dark skinned girl" READ HERE and of course it struck a nerve with me b/c i have def heard this compliment a million +1 times in my life. and honestly, i'd rather not receive a compliment at all than receive this backhanded one. we can debate back and forth forever on this subject of light vs dark within the black culture but clearly we aren't gonna get anywhere until we accept OURSELVES. yes, this compliment is annoying...but NO, it doesn't define me or make me angry. i have always always always hung out with light skinned chicks and to this day my closest friends are ALL light skinned.

after 24 years, i can truly say that color isn't an issue to me. i've never had any jealousy issues on my end because my confidence doesn't allow me the room to dwell on something i can't change. and who am i to hold it against a guy if he isn't as attracted to me as he is to one of my lighter counterparts? that's his preference...his loss. just as i don't prefer high yellow men, there are sure to be plenty of men who don't prefer me. big deal! this whole debate over light & dark chicks is so remedial to me. in the end, love yourself...accept yourself (flaws & all) & rock that ish! cuz u best believe that i am fully aware that i am the baddest brown skinned honey walking...even if the next bish doesn't agree. what others feel doesn't make my world go 'round. so to all my ebony, mahogany, cocoa, cinnamon, caramel, peanut butter, & latte colored women out there...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! hating ( or in the words of Lil Duval.. being a BASIC BISH) comes in all colors, so don't be another woman who wears that color well. if you don't have the confidence to compliment or uplift another woman...DO YOU & don't worry about the next chick. STOP BEING BASIC!!! be extraordinary...



Did you hear? This article was possibly plagiarized.
Anonymous said…
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