WATCH WHAT HAPPENS: tiny & toya....

when i first heard about Tiny & Toya getting a show on BET, i honestly was dead set on boycotting it. i mean really, what would be so interesting about these chicks? Tiny's face? or Toya's relationship with Lil Wayne? either way, i was simply not interested. needless to say... i started watching it a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. the show was a refreshing break from the dramatic antics over on the ATL Housewives (another show i barely started watching). here are two women who are making the best out of the situations that their relationships with high-profile rappers put them in. i ADORE Toya...she is mature, attractive, & genuine. her personality is quite endearing & the main reason i continued to watch. annnd Tiny, well she isn't so bad either. hopefully they will have a second season of the show & we can get to the root of WHY SHE GOT WORK DONE ON HER FACE!!!!!! i love the fact that they are both taking the initiative to do positive things in their lives TOGETHER! i love that we see two black women on a reality show getting along & showing the world that Black women aren't always petty, dramatic, overbearing, bitchy, promiscuous, & jealous of each other. Kudos to Tiny & Toya... now let's pray BET doesn't cancel it 2 make room 4 the tomfoolery of shows like Frankie & Neffe.

p.s. if BET brings back Harlem Heights my respect 4 the brand may return as well. let's keep our fingers crossed. you can do it BET!!!



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