HAIR WARS: dear mr. barber...

Dear Local Barber:

i will make this short and sweet...please refuse service to any girl between the ages of 13 and 22 that feel the need to come to your place of business and ask for "the Cassie". furthermore, if any A-D list celebs visit you please don't hesitate to refuse service to them either. there are only so many renditions of a shaved dome that can be thought of and i think we are reaching the maximum. the other day @the90s tweeted me and said they would like the hairstyle back...of course this was a retweet originating from Salt n Pepa, which was then turned into a #trendingtopic by none other than Kelis. i believe @estelledarlings American Boy'ed it then passed it along to rihanna who inspired cassie & LaLa to twitpic it. as you can see, Mr. Barber, the whole shaved head shenanigan is catching like wildfire and i would like to expand my Army of ORIGINALITY by inducting you as a general. so what do you say Mr. Barber? all for one, one for the locks??

the hair on the floor...

p.s. Ciara DM'ed me asking if she should be next....



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