REAL TALK: American Apparel... superficiality looks good on us!

i was chatting w a dear friend today about career options and different paths available that capture my interest, when we briefly touched on the priorities of the American people and how "socially deep" we are. i say "socially deep" because i feel the majority of our "world awareness" is quite superficial and our knowledge of certain issues are simply "skin deep". American people graze the surface of deep...we are "socially deep". enlightened on the popular topics: Obama is president, there is genocide somewhere over there, Kanye said something about blood diamonds & wasn't there a movie about it?, kids are dying everywhere, & poor people are still poor. the extent of our knowledge is astounding right? or am i not giving the American people enough credit?

my friend is young, beautiful, intelligent, & talented...yet she is auditioning for jobs that would have her covering red carpet events while she yearns to report on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. yes, blogger babies, that epidemic is still going on. ya see, it is an EPIDEMIC not a doesn't go away at the start of the new season. but let's face it, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens are a bit more interesting than genocide in Darfur. Chris Brown allegedly beating the shit out of Rihanna is much more of pressing concern than AIDS, b/c their domestic violence trumps the everday violence of the regular people huh?

my question? are Americans REALLY that shallow? where are our Rosa Parks, Malcolm Xs, Martin Luther Kings, Einsteins, Ghandis?? where are our great people? what awesome movements have we witnessed (besides the presidential election)??? just wondering.
thoughts?? please comment or hit me on twitter.



Jon Alexander said…
hmmm this is very interesting..i agree that the U.S only looks at the "layers of clothing than the layers of a person". As the most powerful country in the nation, we overlook the world's issues and look in our own mirror and become caught up in the lives of people who pull in 6 or 7 figure incomes, but do these people ever take a stand for anything other than what company tells them to for endorsements? there are a SELECT few (Alicia keys, Blair Underwood, the gates family to name some) who actually do so but it should take more than that to take stands against injustices in our world,,it takes a nation....sorry about my rant lol

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