PLAYLIST: men hurt too...

i've never really been inclined to listen to Gnarls Barkley. yea yea, shame on me...i know! but the other day while channel surfing i stumbled upon this vid. love at first sight. seriously, the poor heart really got to me and i remembered that men hurt too. i know sometimes women tend to forget that men actually have emotions. granted, it's hard 2 remember such a fact when these men are so often breaking our hearts, bruising our egos, & leaving us deflated. i mean yea, we forget to consider that this man may be this way because once upon a time he was heart broken with a bruised ego & deflated spirit 2 match.

im sure we have all came across that guy, whether it was a platonic or romantic relationship, that just wasn't quite right after that one girl stole his heart and never gave it back...fully. sure, he may fall in love again but it won't ever compare to that one who got away. his fault or hers...doesn't matter much. his heart will never beat as rhythmically as it once did. time may pass & the his heart will take on a new & perhaps more interesting beat but that previous "buh bum" of his cardiac melody will forever be nostalgically missed. anywho, here's the amazing video, check check check it out...



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