DISASTERS IN DATING: guard up? check!

like many young women all around the world, i am single and trying to date. well in my case, i sometimes think im trying hard NOT to date. self-sabotage much? yea, i am the queen of pushing guys away & making up excuse after excuse as to why i won't ever return his, his, or his call. im a hopeless cynic. i see the end of a situation before it even begins. i give a guy an inch hoping he will find a way to hang himself. needless to say, my guard is WAY up.

all hope isn't lost though. slowly, but surely, im learning that perhaps it isn't so bad to let someone in every now and again. after taking a brutally honest look at my track record, i can now address my fears and move forward. by all means, this does NOT mean im on the relationship bandwagon...but it does mean i won't oppose the thought of one as vehemently as i used to. im 24 now and a healthy, committed, & loving relationship is bound to happen eventually. soooo i figure i may as well start working on being the best woman i can be so that when God blesses me with the MAN meant for me, i won't push him away simply b/c im too afraid to let my guard down.

ladies, what are your fears & hang ups about relationships???



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